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"Diver Ch 2 Pt 2"

Diver Ch 3  by xxDiz

                                     Chapter 3

                                           Like a Circus


          The weird face make-up, the corny music, people leaping from one hoop to the next in mid-air, people riding on elephants, trapeze artists, and of course who could forget our worst nightmare; the clowns. Clowns are a lot of things, but the one thing they aren’t is your best friend. As kids our parents thought the circus would be fun and it always turns out to be your worst frickin’ nightmare! I swear they all do it on purpose. The circus is a kid’s worst nightmare… in most cases, that is. Wanna know what my worst nightmare is? Do you really want to know what happened after Arc pulled that book from the shelf? That book opened the door to my own private hell.

                Arc pulled the book out of the shelf and it triggered that section of the bookshelf to open up  to make an entrance to a room. It lead into… well I guess you could call it a study. It had a desk with the same symbol that was on Hex’s desk, there were papers and books scattered all over it, with a chair in front of it and one behind it, and the floor was also covered with books.

                “ Forgive the mess, Wesley. I have had a long week with a lot of research to do.”

                “Forget that, what’s with the door; isn’t it kind of a cliché?”

                “For one there are too many books for someone who does not know where it is to guess the right one. Second is that it is the most obvious answers that we conclude last.”

                “Guess that makes sense. Anyway, what am I in here for?”

                “To draw out your abilities, let me explain. The abilities of a diver are drawn out from more powerful emotions. Which is to say your negative emotions; anger, frustration, stress, fear, hate, all that. And to draw that out we use hypnosis to put you into a situation that evokes these emotions.” And then Arc pulled out a pocket watch “I imagine you know how this works. Just watch this pocket watch swing back and forth.” After that Arc started to swing the watch back and forth. “Back and forth, back and forth. Focus on the thing that makes you angered, frustrated, or stressed the most.”

                My vision faded in and out, everything started to warp and move in spirals as Arc’s voice slowly started to drown out. Then the entire room was enveloped in mist so thick I could no longer even see the watch. The mist slowly began to clear, and as it finally did, we were in the middle of a circus stage.

                “A circus, Wesley?”

                “One, it’s a circus at night time. Two, you asked me to imagine what I hate the most, and I hate clowns; I especially hate them in the moonlight.”

                “Well I suppose beggars cannot be choosers, now can they?”

                “No, you can’t.”

                The air was still, and the silence was broken by the creak of boards. Then it came, silent at first, but grew louder and louder; footsteps. And so it began. They filed out from the stands, one by one. From 6’ tall clowns with butcher knives, to psychotic looking contortionists; hell had arrived.

                “Wesley, this in no way resembles  a real circus, they all look like they are going to kill us.” Arc said as he questionably looked at me.

                “Did I forget to mention that I hate clowns because of a video game I once played?”

                And so we ran through the backstage with a bunch of psychotic circus acts from hell chasing after us wielding knives. We ran out the back of the tent for our lives and witnessed what I had only saw in a video game. The circus was run down, the cotton candy machine was broken, the signs hung on hinges, there were cobwebs every which way you went, and displays with the absence of their acts, everything was straight out of some weird horror movie. And then the silence was broken by a mad cackle that flew through the stale air of the circus, bouncing off the tents and falling into our ears and echoed off into the distance as a shadow jumped from the top of one tent to the other and disappearing.

                “That wasn’t in the game.”

                “The hypnosis is merely based off of your fear, it acts on its own and recreates itself.”

                “Oh, well isn’t that just wonderful.”

                Just then, we heard the loud, heavy thuds of feet rolling off the ground moving towards us, it sounded as if boulders were repeatedly falling from the sky and crashing to the ground. I looked at the display sign in front of us, it read The Strong Man. The giant flew from behind us, only giving us a moment’s time to dive out of the way as his gigantic body crashed into the display and shattered it into countless shards, which flew out and hit the tents and to places unknown. He turned around, bellowed out a terrifying laugh and lunged at me, smashing his fist downward as I just barely rolled away to escape the surely fatal blow.  I scrambled to my feet as soon as possible and tried running away, diving away from each of his attempts to ram into me. Where the hell did Arc go? I looked around for him, while desperately struggling to keep from receiving one of the crazy giant’s blows, but he was nowhere to be seen. Bastard! He ran away while the giant was distracted with me. I kept running with the giant at my heels, still bellowing his mad laugh. I need to think quickly, how the hell do I get out of this?  I kept running and dodging him, until I dove into the wrong area, blocked by a bunch of junk.

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Date created: June 26, 2010
Date published: June 26, 2010
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