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Id Do Anything..  by xxBIANCAxx

Looking up at the stars

Thinking about you

Wondering if you still love me

You have changed

Your not the same anymore ...

Wondering why you have changed

I loved you the way you were before

I love you so much

But sometimes I don't think you understand ...

How much I love you

How much I want to be with you

Sometimes I wish I'd die

Why you ask...

Cause of all thats happening in my life ...

Thats why ...

But I would do anything for you

I would die for you ..

I would do anything to keep you happy

All i want you to know is that ....

I Love You so MUCH... and i would die for you, I would do anything ..


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Date created: July 24, 2011
Date published: July 24, 2011
Comments: 0
Tags: love
Word Count: 155
Times Read: 246
Story Length: 1