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I Wonder Mountain  by xvoorheesx

After about an hour and a half of limping around the park, I began to feel the pain of the crutches as they dug deep into my armpits. It was very uncomfortable, which I had planned for as I concocted such a brilliant scheme, however I failed to take into consideration the exhausting heat and the constant up and down hill paths.


I couldn’t just ditch my crutches now. Not only for the fact that I was afraid of being caught but more so because I have already spoiled myself. I became too good for lines! I enjoyed skipping past the sheep that followed the rules, no matter how “unethical” my complete disregard for them was. I refused to stand in the scorching sun for any amount of time longer than I needed to.


I needed to think fast.


As I exited Thunder Mountain for the fifth time, something intriguing caught my eye. But no, I shouldn’t? Or should I? What’s the harm? Ah, **** it!


I saw an abandoned wheelchair just hanging out alone at the bottom of the exit. Without hesitation, I picked up my crutches and hopped in the wheelchair, as my unsuspecting family looked on in shock. I quickly threw my arms in gear and started turning those wheels as fast as I could.


My armpits were relieved and I felt twelve dollars richer!

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Date created: June 1, 2009
Date published: June 1, 2009
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Tags: quickie
Word Count: 422
Times Read: 914
Story Length: 1