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"Enigmatic mystery." -> "Enigmatic Mystery (continued)"

My Response  by xvoorheesx

As I opened the door to my cheap hotel room, the glaring, early morning sun blinded me. Using my hand as a visor to cover my eyes from the sun’s rays, I thought to myself, “What time is it? Have I been in that room all night?” I stood there, on the crumbling parking lot pavement, trying to come up with answers to the multitude of questions I have, when a soft, feminine hand abruptly pulls my arm away from my face.


“What the hell are you doing?” she asked, scolding me. “Get in the damn car already!”


Before I could comply, the mysterious woman led me to her car, pushing me along each time I began to lag. When we finally reached the car, I reluctantly got in, however, once the brisk air conditioning hit my face, I just sunk deep into the cool, leather seats.


We drove for a mile or so, as I glared out the window at my surroundings. I couldn’t help but to wonder once again how I came into this situation. I needed answers and I needed them now.


“So,” I began, as I turned to the woman, “you mind telling me what the hell is going on?”


She continued to drive down the winding road in silence, turning to me once and giving me an evil eye.


“Hey!” I shouted in her direction. “What the **** is happening? Who was that man in the field?”


Turning to me, once again in silence, she reached across my lap and opened the glove box. I was curious, yet still defensive, especially once I saw that 9mm gun placed on top of what appeared to be gardening gloves. I sat back as she rummaged through the glove box, watching her pass up the gun and instead remove the gloves.


“Here,” she said, slamming the glove box closed while tossing the gloves on my lap, “put these on.”


Confused and hesitant, I looked at her, wondering what she had in store for me now.


“Do it!” she demanded.


I began putting on the gloves to satisfy this sexy enigma, never once taking my eyes off her. Although normally not my type, her blunt assertiveness is somewhat of a turn on. The instant I had both gloves on, she violently whipped off the road and onto a dirt path. I slid in my seat and braced myself against the door, as I looked out the window. Much to my dismay, we were back in the corn field. She continued down this path until it abruptly ended, where she came to a screeching halt and quickly exited the car.


“Let’s go.”


Remaining in my seat, I stared at her as she walked around the car to the trunk.




I decided to listen to her, not because I was scared of her, but mainly because I was curious as to what was going on.


Surrounded by corn stalks, we stood next to each other, staring at the closed trunk of the Porsche. I looked at her in anticipation until finally, she opened the trunk. I really wish she hadn’t, as lying in the trunk was Todd’s headless body. I did not react right away, as my mind has apparently become numb to the sight of death. Without hesitation, she reached into the trunk, removed a shovel and handed it to me.


“We need to bury him,” she said.


I reluctantly accepted the shovel and slowly began digging a ditch a few yards away from the car. The hot sun beamed down on me. After only a few minutes I was covered with dirt, drenched with sweat and beginning to tire, as the mysterious woman merely looked on.


She quickly became impatient. “Hurry up,” she commanded.


When I finally finished digging a grave big enough for a corpse, I was exhausted.


“Now help me with the body.”


She had no interest in getting dirty but had no problem getting blood on her, as she reached in the trunk and grabbed Todd’s feet. I dropped the shovel and looked at her.


“What the **** are you waiting for?” She asked, “Grab his top.”


I walked over to the trunk to help her remove Todd. We gingerly carried him over to his final resting place and tossed him into the hole. I stood there and stared down at him, once again searching for answers until my irritating sidekick handed me the shovel.


“Now finish it!”


I was beginning to grow annoyed with her insistent demands but I covered the corpse with the loose dirt anyway. As I shoveled, I realized that there was only one person who could explain my situation to me, and up until now she has been no help. I stood straight up and turned to her. As I looked into her evil eyes, I reacted with no hesitation as I swung the shovel and connected with her pretty face. She was immediately knocked out as she fell to the ground. I scooped up her body, tossed her in the trunk of the Porsche, got in the driver’s seat and sped off.

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Date published: July 17, 2008
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