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war of the girls  by xdshadowscythe
the war of the girls

she’s cute
and hot
and I want to screw her
but thats all rot
I want to rescue her
from herself
with such a big kiss
I wish
she would give me a risk

It’s the
war of the girls
for the attention
they were deprived of in highschool
It’s the
war of the girls
no tom cruise in this one
though I think
he’s a girly man
topgun was cool
but where is he at

I know
from experience
that It’s a vicios game out there
girls from both sides
wanting to make me
so they can win the game

theres the
snobbish ones
theres the
robbish ones
theres the
bitchy ones
and then
there are those
we wish didn’t exist

I’m sure that theres everything
I’m just feeling things
but when she walks by
my heart races
and I can’t pry my eyes
she’s the leader
of the resistance
and I’m her prisoner of war
but wait
theres nomething new
I haven’t
this one clue

there the
cheerleader ones
there the
beautiful and rich ones
there the
drug abused
the porn stars ones
I think that ones used

and I know that for a fact
that I’m in over my head
I’m losing track
what she said
and I’m pretty sure
it was something nice
I like to watch them fight the spice

It’s the war
of the girls
It’s the
war of the girls
It’s the war
of the girls
I’m just in a world
where they rule
and all the guys
we drool
over there racks
and legs
and back
and the things
we can only see on tv

It’s the war of the girls
who the winner
well never know
but lets be sure....
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Date created: April 30, 2009
Date published: April 30, 2009
Comments: 0
Tags: a, b, c, caste, d, demeonte, e, emo, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, lyrics, m, n, o, p, poems, pop, q, r, rap, s, songs, soul, t, techno, w, wizard, x, y, z
Word Count: 451
Times Read: 878
Story Length: 14
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (2 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (41 votes)