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"Infinite Web, The charcoaled remains of the promised souls" -> "The Clarv: Year One" -> "troll, trent, and the boiling candy lakes."

Trent creates the D.U.S.T or Destruction Unto Stupid Troll  by xdshadowscythe

With Rlol, the first of Trolls bodies off on his own mission, Trent noticed a significant differerance in the way that Troll did things. His three bodies had to move faster to compensate for their brothers absence and even to this point, Troll was feeling the strain of this. Trent got an evil idea, He would take over the boiling candy lake and kill off Troll. He just needed to wait for the most oppertune time. 

one day, a section of the lake was acting up beyond normal circumstances and troll asked trent to go look into the matter. "look, i dont need any arguments from you, you know as well as i do for strange reason that whenever this black and orange stuff appears, it messes with the blance of the candy lake." one of trolls bodies exclaimed to one of trents. trents body nodded with a bit of discomfort. "but-" "no buts trent, and try not ot touch the stuff, i saw a bird get hit with a drop of that stuff once and it changed into something that scared the hell out of me." both trent and troll knew the risks of the job, they knew for some reason that whenever the lake spouted black and orange liquid from its core that there was some serious stuff going down some where else.

 trolls body went to go check out some readings he was getting from anotehr spot on the lake. "gotta go, i need to take care of this before another bird gets caught in this mess." trent smiled a little as troll turned and walked away. "oh ill clean up it up for you troll, just you wait and see!" he said cheerfuly. "but first, i need to get this whole bodies mess in order. it would be most confusing to keep telling myself off for something another trent did! now im confused."

trent named his three other forms skip, untere, and dev. apparently dev was the most impressive out of the four. trent also gave them minds of there own to a certain extent. they had free will, but he oculd always control there actions when ever he felt like it since they were, after all, his bodies. he also had to change there builds just al ittle to give them a unique purpose. he also wanted to differentiate himself from troll in anyway possible so he walked his bodies over to the poisoned black and orange lakes where the two souls were never meant to go and jumped into it, one after another. trent felt his bodies genetic make up changing for the worse, his mind becoming much darker and more evil then he had ever thought it to be.

"what- what is this new found power that i seemed to havei inherited?" trent said as he climbed out of the lake, his coloring so different that the orange spots were floating over his bones. "this new darkness! i must control the boiling candy of lake, NO MATTER THE COST! WE, THE DEVOURERS OF DARKNESS, SHALL CONTROLL THIS WRETCHED HAPPY AND GLEE FILLED PLACE, AND TURN IT INTO THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE EVER! MUA HA HA HA HA HA!" trent bellowed at the top of his lungs. his new underlings crawling from the lake.

he looked at his team, and inside his new twisted mind, he smiled.

"welcome, members of DUST. worship me as you god!"

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Date created: June 8, 2009
Date published: June 8, 2009
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