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"Infinite Web, The charcoaled remains of the promised souls" -> "The Stogh: Year One" -> "stable housing or lower ground?" -> "ceros path: reasoning with the sky flarn"

the battle with the sky flarn  by xdshadowscythe

ceros flew straight up the the sky flarns side and noticed that it was like a small moon in terms of size, but alive, and with plenty of things to hurt her with. the sky flarns long body sped along its own course, navigating between the tips of mountains, through the caves, around bends and cliffs, until it spotted the small creature flying beside it. "this is a most peculiar thing that i am seeing. i have knowledge of everything else that has happened in this world, but never have i yet, in all my life, to see something that is both edible and that flies."

the booming slightly stuffed voice of the sky flarn, was both enchanting and endangering to ceros. she darted this way and that, dodging everything that the sky flarn had to throw at her. "really!? i had to pick the flying bug!? well here goes nothing! FIVE YEARS OF LIGHT SPEED PUNCHES IN ONE!" she forced her hand  to ball into a fist, and shunted all her strength into it, slamming her tiny fist into the mountain sized behemoth. the punch landed square in one spot, but for the few seconds it was there the sky flarn had been moving three miles. she smiled, the effect of the punch had been spread out.


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Date created: May 30, 2009
Date published: May 30, 2009
Comments: 1
Tags: 2, 20, 23, 3, adventure, arm, arms, average, bug, bust, cero, charcoaled, eye, eyes, five, flan, flarn, four, infinite, insectiod, legs, light, lightning, nose, of, one, project, projects, promised, proposal, propose, remains, rock, rocky, sky, slim, snake, souls, squigs, stogh, tengu, the, three, turret, twenty, two, web, wings
Word Count: 244
Times Read: 587
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (1 votes)