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"Infinite Web, The charcoaled remains of the promised souls" -> "The Clarv: Year One" -> "justin and the and the beginning of the oblivion war." -> "justins unstoppable holy war"

justin becomes aware of his place in the world.  by xdshadowscythe

justin was mystified by the fighting, the angels and demons clashing with each other, niether taking notice of him for many days on end. the ones that died simply faded away while new copies of the angel or demon simply appeared in a puff of smoke and came to life as if nothing happened. "this... this is MY POWER!" justin said in a thick arabian accent. "i can controll this heaven or hell scenario! with my very thoughts!" his hands flapped around, uncontrollably trying to input commands while justins head simply swivled from one fight to another, wonder what else he could do with his new found friends.

"YOUR MASTER COMMANDS YOU TO STOP!" justin said in a loud and confident voice. the angels and demons freeze in place, there heads turning in his direction. 'this is eery. almost scary. i can command them to do ANYTHING i want them to do...' justin thought to himself. to test his theory out he pointed to a angel and a demon standing next to each other with one of his many arms. "you and you! im going to sing a song, and i want you both to critique it honestly!" the angel and demon nodded like robots, there minds working at incredible speeds. but neither of them had much control over there bodies.

justins cracking, off key, horrid throaty frog like voice sung a tune which scratched and tore at the duos ear drums for five minutes. it was obvious to both sides that thier master oculdnt sing, but they didnt want to disapoint him. "well? how was it? i want honesty!" the angel stepped forward nerviously. "promise you wont kill us?" "how bad could it have possibly been?" just responded in kind. before the angel could reply, the demon stepped forward and knocked her aside like a ragdoll. he was true to his nature as a demon in his reply.

"well, to be honest master, your voice eminates a distinct sound, which if i may master..." the demons voice trailed off as he looked down to see justin dewey eyed, waiting and hoping for a star studded, postive, uplifting, tear inducing critique of is first song. "i would like to use your voice as a torture devoce for blind orphans that have the hearing of dogs, use it to tear thier very souls in twain. i would have rather torn out my lungs in a slowly but painful manner, pouring  a mixture of flammable liquid and iodine into the open wound, and then lit myself on fire... rather then listen to your horrid singing."

understandably there was a collective gasp as all eyes turned to justins confused, but slowly reddening face. "oh yes, and your singing was like getting raped with a barbed, white hot, cat of nine tails by a disgruntled postal worked that was really, really, not so happy. there you go!" "ENOUGH OF THIS PRATTLE! DEMON, SINCE YOU WOULD RATHER GRAVLEY INJURE YOURSELF, THEN I COMMAND YOU TO KILL YOURSELF, IN THE VERY WAY THAT YOU HAVE JUST DESCRIBED TO ME!" the demon looked dispointed in himself, but was confused as to which of the two ways justin meant. "which one? the lung tearing or the disgruntled postal worker?" "BOTH!" the angel could only smile at the demon as she laughed  along iwth the others at his expense.

"damn it." he said as he promptly followed hismasters orders and flew behind a giant boulder. after a few seconds screams of utmost agony and pain the likes of wich had never been felt by any mortal were heard as well as a small, choked "see you in a few minutes then."

the angel looked back at justin, as all eyes, both angelic and demonic, focused on her. "i thought it was very lovely! why with a few lessons, which i would be more then willing ot give you myself if you so desired!" in the background there was a small, but audible, "kiss ****!"

it was only a few days later, when justin commanded them to fight one another again, ecept for the angel, that he had a revalation about everything. he looked to the angel, which he named clair, and had made her his closest advisor. "clair, ive been watching both angels and demons be born, fight, and die in varios, gruesome ways only to simply vanish and reappear like nothing happened and ocntinue on fighting like nothing happened. is it my imagination, or do you simply regerate when you die after a quick break?"

clair looked at her master, and was confused for a moment. "what do you mean justin?" justin adjusted himself in the special formed chair the voice had provided for him, so that way his arms that came out of his back, could operate the screens behind him easily. "do you retain your memory when you come back? or do you just become blank slates ready for battle?" clair watched all of the chaos and owndered that herself. "i dont think thats how it works but-" "YOUR SINGING STILL SUCKS!" clair looked confused at the demon and noticed it was the same one that critiqued justins song. "point taken. i guess that is how it works. although i dont think ive died at all ye-"

justin stuck a fist through the side of her head and rammed it out the otherside. clairs arms falling limp as yellow blood spurted out the open wound. "there, now you have." was all justin said as clairs body faded away. "i will want you back at my side promptly when you came back."

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Date created: June 21, 2009
Date published: June 21, 2009
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