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"Angry Black (Super Tanned) 34yr. Old Woman" -> "chapter 1, part 1: chicken dancing and nukes"

chapter 1, part 2: the instance of prey vs preditor  by xdshadowscythe
as she unlocked the doors to the strange looking building, the group heard whirring and clicking sounds, sound of water bieng poured into the very room itself and finally a load and obnoxios groa that seemed to go on forever. "Relax. It's just the internet. Oreo." camile was just touring the campus with some friends, and she had known about adens radio show for a couple of months now and she wasnt really a fan of hers. "just like your show, all you threads suck. oreo." she looked as though she had just climbed out of a dumpster and smelled twice as worse. no one knew anything about her friend leis netme either, and both of them smelled and looked just about the same, only camil eon was fatter and had smaller breasts, and a space between her slightly glowing yellow teeth that mightve fit a biuck in there had it not been for the hideos monstrosity of braces that she had on her face.

a friend of adens named wes pal stepped out from the crowd as everyone gathered around the huge maze like emerald doorways as she pushed the doors open with a gentle shove, making sure that she hit the light switch on the way in. "you're racist camil." he siad simply as he pushed past her and leis netme, both of whom were busy plotting to get even with aden for what was said this morning. "the cleaning crew must not have visited this place for the longest time after what happened to dr. arms." timmy sighed as he looked around the dimly lit grand entry way to the floor which was cracked and cratered from all the fighting that must have happened. "alright everyone, lets split up into groups and check this place out. if lucks on our side well have ourselves a new place to meet and greet every friday instead of the bar." aden smiled as she playfuly hit timmy in the shoulder. "ouch?" he smiled in retort before making his way to the grand pearl stair case that simply had to have gone all the way to the top.

another friend of adens named ryan carlson ran up to camil with a big grin on his face. "its you! the trailer trash women i saw in the red light district! so how much for a hand job?" camil and leis looked livid at ryan for a second, then went back to talking amongst themselves. "oh alright, you only do horses and monkeys right?" another glaring look from camil told ryan all he needed to know. "akk right, all right, ill back off." ryan walked up to aden, timmy, and wes and laughed. "man, those two are just fun today arent they!? hey jaden," ryan began but she was already making her way towards camil and her co-whore in sex crimes. "ok, never mind then. lets just watch the fireworks from the back row shall we fellas?"

aden walked right up to the two and socked camil in the face before ripping into her. "you're a hateful creature. black or white... you don't discriminate against who you discriminate against do you? so aces for being consistent." camil got up and wiped the smear and blood off of her cracked and sun burnt lips before taking another crack to the face. "you don't even know me, and you've got me all figured out. i've heard all the names sweetie, oreo?" leis netme rushed to her friends side but was blocked of by timmy and wes as they shook there heads. "really? try educated. i know who i am and where i came from so try mislabeling someone else." aden turned away for just a split second before camil tryed to rush her. "keep being ignorant." but a third punch to the face knocked her down flat on her blubbery ****. "you don't know ****."
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Date created: April 27, 2009
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