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chapter 9: mental penetration  by xdshadowscythe

myb lured was raped by bale for another hour before a freakishly large and highly unstable carrot top ripped off his shirt to reveal his almost too ripped upper body. myb lured was now **** bawling his eyes out because he had just gone from happy little pedorapist to ****. "BEND OVER BITCH!" the comedian shouted as he pulled out a picture of his female poodle. "IM GOING TO TURN YOU FROM THIS!" again, he pulled out a picture of myb lureds anus wich was perfectly healed, except for a case of anus fire in which the entry way was sealed off using japanese monk spells and paperdolls, "TO THIS!" carrot top pulledo ut another picture which now had mybs anus as a bleeding, sirynge needle stabbed, pussy, gaping, bloody mess in which a tiny trail of bloody tampons flowed freely like a strangely sadistic viagra and redbull commercial.

carrot top, better known as scott thompson, in one fell swoop pulled out his freakishly huge monster cock, which he apparently had teeth installed as well as an eye and shoved it hard and painfully into myb lured **** while cracking one liners with bad props for the next ten minutes. "im going to bone you!" he shouted enthusiasticly while producing the leg bone of a horse and the plastic letter U, then threw them towards bronson. bronson immediatly, and with great haste, rammed the browning .30 caliber machine gun straight up carrot tops **** and pulled the trigger. "hows this for a prop?" the white hot lead ripped through carrot top as his head and chest became like swiss cheese in a wind tunnel full of cheese graters. "thank god thats over with, you saved me-" myb lured was interrupted when bruce banner started ramming him in the **** with his fist, and myb lured had to admit it, it felt great!

that was until banner turned into the purple hulk, complete with a sparkling dildo for a necklace. then and only then, did myb lured understand the truest meaning of the term "HULK SMASH DIRTY MANS ****!"

ballin was not, however, having the greatest time either, with the viking **** him in the ear, mike jagger **** him with the microphone stand, and a have a pound of yogurt being shoved into the most akward of places. things couldnt get much worse. "YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY! HOMEY IN THE CLOSET GONNA BE MAD AT HOW I DEPOSIT!" "NO, NOOO, NOOOOOOO!" ballin only knew this voice very well, as uber zombie barney fife rammed his ten cocks into the hulks ****, which then ripped through the hulks cock, into ballins. "OH MY ****...ooooh this feels like that time i was voluntarily gang banged in san fransisco by the miami dolphins..... DAMN **** OKCUPID.COM!!!!" ballins wasnt just crying tears of shame, he had failed his gender, gotten raped more times then jena jameson at the annual **** a freshman festival, and had been screwed in the ear by a viking with the a barbed wire condom. his day couldnt but did get a hell of a lot worse.

ballin prayed that it wasnt the one person who could just tip this day into the scale of 'hell **** no' but it did none the less. he felt the quiet thumping of both his heart beating in his chest, and that of uber zombie barney fifes cocks beating against his heart as well as a flood of uber zombie sperm fill his chest cavity. it didnt matter then, because he knew at this point that it would just heal up in a matter of minutes. but he heard the footsteps coming closer and closer, the sound of shoes connecting with the pavement growing louder and louder with each passing second. "BEND OVER! IM GONNA FILL YA UP WITH MY LITTLE BOYS MAN JUICES!"

ballin didnt even notice the giant decomposing hands wrap around his neck and slowly squeeze the life out of him, he didnt notice mick jagger increase the speed of which he fist **** his tight throat hole with his stand. hell, he didnt even see the now zombified hulk **** christian bal and carrot top in one hump, "I WANT YOU TO GET ME OFF ON THIS SET!" bale said in his most growly batman voice. no, ballin was whimpering like a bitch in heat, ballin had gone past turning in his man card, he had even gone past the point of giving myb lured a pearl necklace of zombie sperm out of his nipples.

everyone seemed to slow down what ever they were doing as ballin speed up in his actions, the walls seeme to fade to black, with white outlines betraying the quiet scenery. 'i know your pain.' the voice said in a cool and collected sort of way. 'i know what youve been through, the pain youve experienced, the losses youve suffered,' the voice drew ever nearer as ballin started crying tears of shame now. he didnt know how he was going to get raped this time, but he knew he wasnt going to like it. 'you can trust me ballin... i wont hurt you like the rest of those freaks, those dirty men with there harmful ways of doing things.' the voice sounded like it was right next to him, he felt a slight warm breath carress his face in a way that seemed to calm him down. 'if fact, ill even reveal my presence to you. ill help you and your little boyfriend escape this seemingly never ending hell. wont you trust me?'

ballins mind was torn up inside like a cell phone picture taken by a person with a really bad case of cerebal palsy. he diddnt know who he could trust, where he was. but one thing he did know was that, where ever this person was, and who ever this person was, he couldnt be any better then the rest of them. "yeah... yes ill trust you.... now please dont rape me, and reveal yourself." the voice reassured him once more that he wouldnt rape him, since he was into women, rather then zombie sperm fill 2nd rate man whores. the darkness dissapated, revealing everything as it was.

he saaw a shock of red hair, then green eyes, and he knew his trouble was just beginning as he looked at the demented smile.

 ' are you surprised to see me ballin?' his voice said sweetly. 'you know? i never did get anything in this dimension right.' ballin looked to see the red haired man walk in between the people that were once raping him. 'barney fife turned uber undead rapist?' the man said as he took note of the uber zombies size and muscles that were frozen in place. the pulse beat slowly as if to reject the state it was in. "your.... your..." the man turned to ballins stammering form, his green eyes seemingly brightened up as if to encourage the next few highly anticipated words that were to come out of ballins mouth. "yes... please do say my name ballin, i do quite tire of this weak minded bafoonery you seem to have developed a knack for.

"m... m... morgan... ga.. gavin.. why!? why you of all people!?" ballin looked at carrot tops frozen and purely priceless look of terror and surprise as the hulk was frozen in the process of fisting him through christian bale, who for some reason looked as if he was a kid in a pedophiles store. "why am i here? why here? why now? why, why...." morgan was thoroughly enjoying himself to say the least. he had been through countless adventures with his creations, but none as free form as this. "well, for starters, you did log on to okcupid and ask anti sherr for a date, did you not?" ballin swore under his breath as chuck norris and charles bronson were frozen in time playing patty cake. "**** OKCUPID.COM!" morgan chuckled to himself before continuing. "it seems that you have been, after all. i decided long ago to work on a device, that when activated by anyone dumb enough to do so, that they would be transferred to the most desirable location there subconsios desired more then anything else."

ballin was furios that hed been tricked so easily. he was pissed off at morgan and rushed to beat the **** out of him but was stopped when uber zombie barney fife rushed in front of him. "NOW YOUR GONNA HAVE TO STOP ALL THIS SCUFFLING OVER NOTHING BALLIN! AFTER ALL THE WORK I PUT INTO THIS PROJECT, AND IT GOIN OFF WITH OUT A HITCH, I THINK YA CAN AT LEAST GIVE ME SOME CREDIT!" morgan smiled when he stepped out from behind the monster and looked at ballins face. "the real beautiful thing here, is that, now i need your help. it seems that there was a glitch in one of the billions of terrabits of information that went into this, and a rather nasty thing happened."

ballin listened with a slight hesitation in his breathe. "it seems a bunch of rather nasty creatures call rapians clambered into the dialer and have spread themselves among the numeros dimensions i was able to cataloging before i was notified by the hologram you see before you."
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