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why cant i?  by writinghobo

Why cant i sit in cancun

Take cocain off breasts

Of beautiful caramel women

And masturbate

Thinking of hilary clinton


Why cant i go to china

Marvel at the size of their wall

And as with every other wall

Take a piss on it


Why cant i go to moscow

Visit the red square

Dressed in a costume

Of adolf hitler


Why cant i go to maastricht

Get lost with all their squares

And smoke so much pot

That i feel intelligent


Why cant i go to prague

Marvel at the churches

Drink cheap good absinthe

And have sex with cheap



Why cant i go to berlin

Dress myself in old jewish fashion

And as a display of history

Light myself on fire


Why? Why? Why?

Because you, my friend, society

Cant be understood

Why the rules?

Why the limits?

Why the unfairness?


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Date created: Feb. 2, 2010
Date published: Feb. 2, 2010
Comments: 8
Tags: poetry
Word Count: 356
Times Read: 482
Story Length: 1