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Scornful Marks (draft)  by writerwannabe

Matt nervously drummed his fingertips along the steering wheel.  Kirsten was late.  He glanced at his watch, the rear view mirror and ran his eyes along the road, up and down, trying to will her appearance.

After 20 minutes he knew she wasn't coming.  Something had gone very, very wrong.  He checked his cell phone for the 100th time.  No message.  No missed calls.  He started the car and drove slowly around the block, heading for Dom's house.


Dom pulled Kirsten back into the house.  He shoved her hard enough to make her stumble to her knees.  Struggling to get back on her feet, Dom kicked her in the side and knocked her against a wall.

"What the **** is wrong with you?" She screamed.  Screaming hurt so badly that she instantly regretted it.  Her ribs felt like they'd been caved in and she could barely get her breath.

Dom stood over her a sick grin on his face.  "Wrong with me?  Wrong with me, you conniving bitch?, he snarled.  "You set me up to be convicted of your murder and you're **** asking me....what the ****?"  He laughed, took a step forward and reached down to grab a handful of Kirsten's hair.  He pulled her across the floor of the family room and into the kitchen.  He pulled a heavy, iron bar stool from its place next to the island, grabbed Kirsten under the arms and slammed onto the stool.

Kirsten could only moan at the harsh treatment.  She still couldn't catch her breath and fear had robbed her of all resistance.

Dom grabbed a roll of hundred mile an hour tape from the counter and began taping her ankles to bar stool's legs.  He pulled her arms, roughly, behind her and taped her wrists to stool.  Finally, he walked to the refrigerator, took out a bottle of beer and returned to stand in front of his prisoner.

Kirsten, head down, could barely see him through her tangle of hair.  Her lip was bleeding and she could remember when that had happened.  She was only able to take very short, very quick breaths and her mind was having difficulty accepting the reality of her situation.  Where had this all gone wrong?

Dom took a long slug of his beer.  He belched.  He wiped the back of his hand across his mouth.  He grabbed Kirsten by the hair and yanked her head back so that she was looking, close up and personal, into his sneering face.

"Five years ago, bitch, my brother's ex-wife paid a guy to frame him for her murder.  We've been looking for him since.  We found about 3 years ago when he first recruited you to work for him."  He slapped Kirsten.  "Do I have your attention?"


Matt slid to a stop fifty yards from Kirsten and Dom's house.  He got out of the car and walked quickly along the shrub lined sidewalk.  He moved across their lawn until he could look through the kitchen window.  He arrived as Dom slapped the tied up Kirsten and began his explanation of his brother and ex-wife. 


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Date created: April 2, 2008
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