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"A Woman Scorned" -> "A Woman Scorned - iv"

A Woman Scorned - v  by writerwannabe

            Matt and Mary met at a Denny’s a couple of blocks from where Mary lived.  Mary didn’t look well.  Her hair was dull, she wore no make-up and she was as pale as a sheet.

            “I’d ask how you were doing, but I can see the answer to that question easily enough,” Matt said.

            A single tear dropped from the corner of each of her eyes.  Mary looked down and whispered, “I’ve been trying to think of ways to kill myself.”

            “Mary, Mary…look at me.  Look at me, Mary.”  Slowly, she raised her head.  Matt leaned across the table and with a table napkin, touched the tears and wiped them away.

            “I had just about decided on a way to do it when you called, Matt.  You offered me a job, remember?”  She sniffed and dabbed the napkin at her nose. “Funny.  Seems it was me that was hiring you to get rid of a bastard, wasn’t it?  Well, not directly, but it’s all the same, isn’t it?  When nothing happened, I….I started making plans to get rid of the bitch, instead.  Jesus, I’m so **** up.  I couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t do it so I figured I’d get rid of myself instead.  Aw, God, what am I going to do?”

            Matt grabbed her hands.  He caught and held her eyes with his own and said, “Mary, let me tell you a little story.”

            Matt told her about his first “kill” and how, since then, he’d made a business of helping scorned wives with their bastard husbands who had left them broken hearted and with little to no financial support.  He told her about Kirsten and how she worked for him.  He told her how he “got rid” of his clients’ problems.

            “Mary, I think that you need to change your life.  Not end it, but start anew.  I have a new client and I would like for you to work with me to put this bastard away.  When you’re finished with him I’ll provide you with a complete new identity and move you across the country.  You can start all over again knowing that not only is your ex, Dom, well taken care of but, that you’ve also helped another woman in your situation.”

            Mary was shocked.  She simply stared at Matt for several minutes. He could see her mind working over what she’d learned from him and what he had offered.

            “My, god.  Why didn’t you tell me that Kirsten was working for you?  What if I had killed her?  What if…..”

            “Mary, the answer to that is obvious, isn’t it?  You needed to be completely out of the picture without any contact or knowledge of what was going on.  My agreement was to “get rid of Dom”.  How I do that is of no consequence or interest, for that matter, to you.  At least I don’t believe so.  In fact, I think that the methods I use are infinitely better.  No one dies, but the bad guy pays and the good guy, or lady, gets a new lease on life.

            Mary was nodding her head as Matt spoke and he could see that she not only understood, she was beginning to like the idea and maybe even herself again,  more and more.



          Kirsten was in a hurry.  Once she initiated the sequence she could not stop.  It had to happen now and she was running out of time.  She’d spent all day removing all traces of her DNA.  She’d thrown out all the bed sheets, blankets and pillows.  Her toothbrush, soaps, shampoos and make-up were all gone.  She’d vacuumed and scrubbed every floor, wall, door, window, curtain and cabinet.  The kitchen, bathroom sinks and shower drain had all been scrubbed and washed with lye.  She’d been doing this kind of cleaning almost daily so there wasn’t a large build up of “stuff”.  Every surface of everything, including dishes and silverware were scrubbed clean.  She’d done the same with the car she’d driven.  The only places that her DNA would be found were places where she wanted it found, Dom’s car and the swamp.  The police would find her blood in his car even though it would be obvious that he had tried to clean it.  They would find swamp grass in the shocks of his car that would lead them to the swamp and a search would turn up a chewed up shirt and tennis show.  Forensic experts would determine that the “chewing” would have been done by alligators.  A body would not be necessary for a conviction.  The alligators had taken care of that!

            Of course, all the cleaning in the apartment would not get rid of every single piece of evidence, but that was the plan.  It would appear that Dom had tried to cover his tracks.

            She was finally done and it was dark outside.  She grabbed her purse and sneaked out the back door.  She was headed to back fence gate that led to an alleyway leading to a side street.  From there she would walk two blocks north, staying in the shadows away from the street lamps and then, five blocks east.  There, at the intersection of Smith Ave and Pony Creek Road, Matt would be waiting for her.  After that, a quick trip across the state line and a flight to the Bahamas.  

            She pushed the gate open and was jerked backwards by the hair.

            “Where the **** do you think you’re going, bitch!” growled Dom.

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