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Happy Birthday to him.  by words_of_seduction

She is more nervous than she thought she would be. Not really sure why she is so nervous, because it's just a strip club. But she looks over at him and sees the excitement on his face and it causes her to crack a smile. She would do anything to make him happy so why not, she tells herself as a sort of reassurance.

As she walks into the club with him by her side, he senses her nervousness and gives her hand an extra squeeze. "You know I adore, and no girl can replace you," he says with confidence in his voice, and a deep stare into her eyes. This causes butterflies in her stomach and she gets that silly little smile on her face as she blushes.

They find a spot near the back, not wanting to be noticed. When she surveys the room there is the typical strip club scene. A little smoke in the air, loud music, and kind of a seedy look to most of the guys. Some of the girls were walking around the room trying to attract attention, but she could tell that none of them really did anything for him, cause he was spending more time looking at her and rubbing the back of her neck just the way he knows she likes it.

He seemed to be more worried about her feeling comfortable than anything else. She thought that was sweet and kind of sexy. He whispered into her ear, "If you want to leave we can. To be honest you are way hotter than any of these girls anyway's, and I'm kind of getting excited about getting a personal lap dance from you instead." This got her excited and she thought about it for a second. But as she was thinking a new girl came out from behind the curtain.

She had long sexy legs, with a tight little black skirt, and an **** that was a portrait of perfection! Her abs were tight and she had all the right curves in all the right places. Her eyes were piercing and seemed to focused on her as she moved about the stage. Her movements so fluid and sensual.

She started having thoughts like she had never had before. Thoughts that scared her a little, but were very exciting. "What do you think of her?" He says as he realizes that she is mesmerized by the woman on the stage.

"She is incredible!" she says with kind of a grin on her face. She is biting her lip a little just imagining what it might feel like to kiss those soft luscious lips. she asks, "Would you like a lap dance from her?" and almost before he says yes she is out of her chair and walking across the room to talk to her.

Their eyes still fixated on each other as she walks toward her. No words needed to be said. She just gently took the woman's hand and led her over to him. "It's his Birthday and I promised him a lap dance. Do you want to give him one?" she says still holding on to her hand. She can feel the sexual energy coming from her hand as she spoke, and she could see how excited he was getting at the mere thought of it.

"I would love to!" explained the woman, "but why don't we go to our private VIP room." The woman takes his hand with her other hand and leads the two of them into a room in the back. Both of them were so excited they were practically skipping into the room. 

He is led to the chair in the middle of the room as the music starts. But the whole time she and this woman can't keep there eyes off of each other, and at this point the stripper is stroking her arm, sending a chill down her body. He could sense her passion for the stripper and jumps from his chair, takes her hand, and places her in the chair. "I would rather see you get the lap dance if you don't mind," he says.

She tries to contain her excitement and says, "anything for you baby!" He could see the excitement on the strippers face too, as she let go of his hand and was totally focused on her now. He was starting to think maybe he was the one that should have been worried about taking her to the club.

The stripper spends some time grinding her perfect **** on her lap. Then she turns to her and says, "I know your not supposed to, but you can touch me if you want to, besides I think your man here wants a little show."

They both turn and look at him, he can't contain his smile at this point. She runs her hands down the strippers back, slowly pressing her nails against her to show her excitement. The stripper senses the excitement and turns toward her, slowly taking off the skirt to reveal a perfect little G-string underneath.

She spreads her legs and straddles her. As she moves to the music, she slowly takes off her bra and shakes her chest a little to show off her perfect breasts and very hard nipples. The stripper leans into her and whispers into her ear, "look at how hard you make my nipples!"

She takes her hand and places it on her breast. She is getting very excited, especially when she looks over at him and sees the look on his face and the bulge forming in his pants.

The stripper looks over at him too and says, "Don't you want to feel how hard she is making my nipples right now?" He jumps over to her in record time, and places his hand on her other breast. It was a perfect handful, and her nipple was as hard as he had ever felt. His cock jumped in his pants a little.

She then proceeded to brush her nipple against her lips ever so slightly. "Don't you want to feel it in your mouth?" she asked. She quickly envelopes her breast in her mouth and begins to lick and suck, knowing exactly what will turn her on the most. The stripper grabs Her hand and places it on her pussy inviting her to feel it with her fingers. "You see how wet you are making me?" she asks.

"Oh yes you are very wet, can I finger your pussy?" she asks. But almost before the stripper can say yes her fingers are sliding deep inside of her. The stripper lets out a screech and you could tell she was enjoying this as much as they were. The stripper looks over at him and takes her other hand and places it on his crotch.

"I think he needs some attention too," she explains as she unbuckles his pants and pulls out his now throbbing cock. They both spend some time stroking his cock and teasing his balls with their hands. Her other hand still exploring the inside of the stripper's pussy, while she rocks back and forth.

"I think it's time for you to give him his Birthday present," she says as she motions for her to put his cock in her mouth. She quickly takes his big hard cock in her mouth. Mmmmmmm It has never tasted better than it does tonight.

The stripper was still stroking it with her hand. But before she knew it the stripper spread her legs and began to massage her pussy too. This was so new and exciting. The mere touch of her hands was practically enough for her to be sent over the edge, and she started groaning, which only caused him to groan with excitement as well.

Then suddenly the stripper couldn't take it any more and dropped to her knees. She seemed to attack her pussy with her mouth enveloping it, and tasting the sweet wetness in her mouth. She jumped, but continued to take his cock in her mouth.

Now the strippers pace had slowed and she was taking long, wide, slow licks across her. Sending shock waves throughout her body with every lick, until she couldn't take it anymore. Her body began to move about rapidly and he and the stripper could tell that she was about to cum. When she is finished the stripper sits up and says, "Do you mind if I get a taste of that cock?"

She is now ready to try anything and quickly says, "only if I can taste that pussy." She and the stripper quickly trade places and she excitedly drops to her knees. He places his cock in the strippers mouth. 

She never thought it would be such a turn on to watch another woman suck on his  cock! She watched for a moment as she gently stroked the stripper's pussy with her fingers.

Then she couldn't take it any more. She had to see what a beautiful pussy like this would taste like in her mouth. She loves the feel of the warmth on her tongue! She is getting very excited with every lick and is really enjoying making another woman squirm in the chair.

He looks over at her and says, "I want to be inside of you!" He quickly drops to his knees behind her, pulls up her skirt, moves her panties to the side, and thrusts his cock into her. The feeling of his cock sliding into her and her tongue licking the stripper's pussy sends her to the edge again.

She can feel the legs of the stripper start to quiver and her moans start to get louder. This only encourages both of them who are both close to orgasm at this point. The moans turn to screams as she feels the stripper's pussy tighten and contract and then get very wet.

At the same time she is having an orgasm and her pussy is doing the same. This sends him into a state of ecstasy as well and he gives several big thrusts into her, all the while trying to hold in from screaming from the pleasure of his cum shooting inside of her.

The three of them are exhauted, but very satisfied! The stripper begins to get dressed and he walks over to her. "How much do we owe you?"

She just winks and says, "this ones on the house, besides I think I had more fun than ya'll did."

She smiles and leaves the room. He just looks at her and says, "I can't wait till my next Birthday." 

She grins and says, "What makes you think I want to wait that long?"


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Date created: Nov. 25, 2009
Date published: Nov. 25, 2009
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Tags: adult, erotic, sexual
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