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CINDERELLA - page 58  by wordjunkie

Page 58


            …Yes I do, I’d know your eyes anywhere.


            He took here in his arms, rags and all and kissed her again.  The kiss made her weak in the knees and breathless.


            Cinderella and her Prince went back to her Step-Mother’s house and as they waited for her, Cinderella told him about her life, she could see that he wasn’t please at her treatment by the questions he asked.  Lady Tucknor was taken aback and her daughters almost bumped her to the floor as they came through the door.


            “Your Majasty, Welcome to my home,” she said as she smoothed out her gown.


            “Lady Tucknor,  I have asked Cinderella for her hand in marriage and she has accepted.” 


            “I’m sorry your Highness, but that is impossible,” her cruel Step-mother replied.


            “Why is that,” the Prince glared at her.


            “Her father wished our eldest to be married first, and grabbed the hand of Charlotte, her daughter and pulled her to the Prince.


            “We’ll see about this, Lady Tucknor,” the Prince announced.  “you have two choices.  One is for me to call in the guard and announce that you have struck me in your anger and you will be in prison for the rest of your life, or you could tell me that what you just said was a mistake”.


            Lady Tucknor apologized repeatedly, and the Prince took Cinderella’s hand and headed for the door.



            …Cinderella glared hatefully at her Step-Mother… page 24


            … Cinderella left the house… Page 26

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Date created: Feb. 14, 2011
Date published: Feb. 14, 2011
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