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CINDERELLA - page 37 & 38  by wordjunkie

Page 37 & 38


            …And now for a gown,” her Fairy-God-Mother said as she walked around Cinderella.  “Let’s see, what should it be?  Ah yes,” she raised her wand and sang several appealing notes.  As she sang things started to glow and whir around them both, and when it stopped, Cinderella looked down to see the shimmering gown her Fairy-God-Mother had been wearing.  Cinderella looked at her Fairy-God-Mother and found her wearing her rags.


“I through we’d trade for the evening,” she said with a shrug of her shoulders.  Cinderella found her reflections in a puddle, and could see her hair was done up very becomingly, and there was sparkles coming from her hair as well.


“My Child, where is your mother’s necklace?” Her Fairy-God-Mother asked as she walked around Cinderella admiring her work.


“I’m afraid it was lost,” Cinderella felt her neck to find it bare.


“Fairies of the night that be, please find the necklace for her to wear this night,” and soon another glowing ball  came floating to them. “I believe this is ours,” her Fairy-God-Mother said as she used her wand, and Cinderella could feel the necklace putting it self on her neck.


Cinderella took a step forward and discovered she was wearing glass slippers with faceted cuts in the heals and a glass butterfly on the toe.



            “Well, child, what a sight you make.  It’s time to go, but wait,” and with a nod there appeared the coach men and four fine white horses hitched to the coach.


            “On our way my dear, but remember, that at the last stroke of midnight, the magic will be gone.  Everything will become as it was,” her Fairy-God-Mother warned.


            “I’ll remember,” Cinderella promised, “Good-bye and thank-you!”  The coach started off as she wove.  She was off to the ball.


            As her coach entered the castle courtyard, people stared at the amazing coach.  “It must be worth a fortune.  It’s so beautiful, it must belong to royalty,” was some of the comments Cinderella heard as the coach drove up to the castle steps.


            As she stepped out of the coach she overheard some of the comments on her gown.  “It’s the most beautiful gown and she is so beautiful.  She will be the fairest here tonight.”


            As she entered the ballroom everything stopped.  Everyone looked at her and she looked around and spotted the handsome prince.


            She could hear bits and pieces of whispered conversation as she made her way into the ball room.  She knew the rumor was she was a princess of some great wealth.


            Once the Prince had seen her, his eyes couldn’t leave her.  They danced and talked and time flew by.


            Suddenly the clock struck midnight.


            “Oh, my I must leave!” Cinderella announced and tried to pull away from his arms.


            “But, who are you?” the Prince asked holding her to him.


            “I’m sorry,” she pulled out of his arms.  “Please don’t”


            The Prince pulled her back into her arms and kissed her.




                        … pulled away and ran …Page 39

                        …stayed in his arms… Page 40


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