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CINDERELLA - page 12  by wordjunkie

Page 12


            ….descended from the starry sky and entered Cinderella’s house.


            The light grew into a shape of a person, and then became clearly a middle aged woman with a friendly face.


            “Who are you” Cinderella asked


            “I’m your Fairy-God-Mother, and I’m here to help you go to the ball.”   The Fairy-God-Mother said as she seemed to glide around the room.


            “Oh, I’d love to, but I have to clean this house,” Cinderella said.


            The Fairy-God-Mother waved her wand and the house became a whirl wind of

activity as everything became alive and did it’s job by its self until all of Cinderella’s chores where finished.


            “Now my child, we shall go to the garden and see about a coach.


            Cinderella walked out to the garden looking for a coach.


            The Fairy-God-Mother looked around and said, “What shall I make the coach out


of?  How about….


            …. A pumpkin…. Page 14

            ….A green bell pepper…. Page 15

            ….A tomato…. Page 16

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Date created: Feb. 4, 2011
Date published: Feb. 4, 2011
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Tags: fairytale, wacked
Word Count: 1211
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Story Length: 5
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