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CINDERELLA - page 8  by wordjunkie

Page 8


….She was to busy to think of it again.  She sewed, cleaned and cooked.  And soon the beautiful gowns of Satin, beads and lace were completed.


            The Step-sisters of course found every possible bad thing to say about the gowns.  “The neckline is too high.  There is string hanging from the bottom.  The neckline is to low.  There isn’t enough lace.  There isn’t enough bead work.”  Cinderella was almost in tears with frustration.


            Then that wonderful night of the ball came.  Cinderella looked at those two gowns and heard her Step-sisters and their mother demanding her help to get ready.


            Cinderella decided to….


            …. Take the gowns up and help them…. Page 10

            …. Take the most beautiful gown…. Page 11

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Date created: Feb. 2, 2011
Date published: Feb. 2, 2011
Comments: 0
Tags: fairytale, wacked
Word Count: 680
Times Read: 859
Story Length: 7
Children Rank: 3.8/5.0 (4 votes)
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