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CINDERELLA - page 53  by wordjunkie

Page 53




            … she stayed to meet him.


            She was going to tell him who and what she was and maybe she would be able to forget him one day.  His views on social class separation made her very angry, the more she thought about it.


            “Why did you run from me?” he asked with a face that was a cross from, how-dare-you, to worried.


            “I’m not worthy of your attentions, your Majesty, please let me go,” she pleaded with him as she took her shoe from him and turned to leave.


            The Prince took her arm and turned her around, kissed her savagely and said…





            …”please marry me…  Page 55


            …”let’s see if you can forget…. Page 56


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Date created: Feb. 14, 2011
Date published: Feb. 14, 2011
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Tags: fairytale, wacked
Word Count: 893
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Story Length: 2
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