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CINDERELLA - page 5  by wordjunkie


Page 5


            ….Cinderella’s father took notice to his new wife and step daughter’s behavior and called them all into the study for a family meeting.


“My dear,” Lord Tucknor addressed his wife.  “I am going to be cutting the household allowance in half.”


“But husband, that won’t be enough,” Lady Tucknor objected.


“It will have to be.  Expenses have climbed higher then I could ever make.  We must live within our means.”


“But husband, the girls need to be properly attired and such for society..” she claimed but Lord Tucknor cut her off with a wave of his hand.


“None the less.  The allowance cut stands, and besides your girls seem to have adequate socially acceptable clothes.  If they want or need more, have them sew it for themselves,” Cinderella’s father’s voice had the ‘that’s final’ sound to it.


            Cinderella’s step family left the study grumbling.  More arguments could be heard through the manor and soon Lady Tucknor and her daughters moved out and left Cinderella and her father alone together again.  They were happy with this arrangement.


            Then one rainy sad day, Cinderella’s father died….


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Date created: Feb. 2, 2011
Date published: Feb. 2, 2011
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