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CINDERELLA - page 54  by wordjunkie

Page 54


            …ducked into the plants and went home.


            The Prince showed up at her employers home the next day and asked for her.


            “How did you find me?” she asked.


            “I asked everyone who had the bluest sweet eyes they have ever seen, along with a voice that sounds so sweet it caresses you with love.  One I got your name, it wasn’t hard to found out everything about you.  Your kindness and honesty is well known.  The meat merchant said the one rainy day you accidentally found his pocket watched with the meat you had just purchased and you came all the way back to give it to him,” he sweetly said looking into her eyes.


            “There is only one thing.   I need you to marry me, so my life will be complete,” he seriously said, and his eyes backed up his words.


            He knelt down on one knee with her hand in his, and said the words that Cinderella thought she would never hear.  “Miss Cinderella Tucknor, will you give me the honor of becoming my wife and Queen?”


            Cinderella’s heart opened and she knew she couldn’t live without him, so she said, “Yes! Oh yes!”


            They were soon married and lived a very happy life.


            Their son was born, grew up and married a maiden who lost a glass slipper on those very same steps.


            One wonder’s about fate when things like that happen.



The end

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Date published: Feb. 14, 2011
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