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Becoming  by whisper55

 Chapter 3

Dennis' mouth was full of grit and what ever else might be on the dirty floor. His vision was coming and going as he slipped in and out of consciousness. At first he thought  he  was having a nightmare, then he heard a soft voice saying "Hey, stop that."

He knew he was dreaming whe he managed to turn his good eye so he could see the owner of the voice. She stood there in her short black skirt and read halter top glarging at the two hugh guys that had been tearing him apart.

 They actually seem to be a bit afraid of her. She squaded down giving him a peek of red lace before she placed her legs in a more modest possion.

"Are you all right?" she almost sing as she truned him on his back. He couldn't help the moan as his torn back came in contact with the floor.

"It will be okay." she said as he watched he almost black eyes turn to amber. He felt like he was falling into them.

He felt like he was dreaming again as she tore at her wrist with overly sharp teeth. She held her wrist to his mouth. "Drink this. It will make you feel better." He knew he was dreaming so it wouldn't matter, when he let the warm blood slide down his throat.

The last words he heard before he passed completely out was. I'm Cassie, I'll be wright here with you through it all. Then she took his hand.

Much later, he awoke to terrible pain, his screams rose up from deep inside him. Red was all he could see.  His body seem to be changing from the inside out, at celluar level. 

Her voice came through the pain, seeming to sooth him. "It's okay Dennis, you are reforming, becoming."

"Becoming what?" He screamed.

"Becoming one of us. Becoming, Vampyer." 

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Date created: Aug. 9, 2008
Date published: Aug. 9, 2008
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Word Count: 365
Times Read: 468
Story Length: 1