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Breakups can sometimes be hard. Here are some things that you should avoid to get over your Ex.  by viniyo

There are good breakups...and there are bad breakups. If you want to get over your "bad breakup" here are some things to avoid.

Hopping into a relationship
When you've just broken up with someone, or just been broken up with, hopping into a new relationship too quickly is the last thing that you need to do. Everyone needs time to see what they really want. Though you may feel lonely, and can't help but think about the past; think about what ended your relationship in the first place. Maybe the time factor had something to do with it. Putting time and distance between relationships is the best way to go-no matter how bored and lonely you may be after the relationship ends.

Dating a friend of your Ex
Some of us do this for vengeful reasons, but dating one of your ex's friends is definitely NOT what you should do. This could lead to rifts in their relationship, and they could both end up turning on you. Even if your Ex's friend confesses a major crush that they may have on you, DO NOT DATE THEM. This is the most hazardous thing that you can do to yourself, because not only will you create awkward situations, you may be forced to see your ex a lot more than you wanted to. This may also create numerous fights in your new relationship.

Stalking your Ex
This one is self explanatory-don't stalk your Ex. The best way to accept a break up is to stay away from the person. Erase their phone number, email address, and forget where they live if you find yourself tempted to stalk them. Stalking temptations arise from that one thought of "I wonder what they're doing?" and when your Ex doesn't want to talk to you, it consists of following them around to get your answers. It's not healthy. Don't do it.

Talking about your Ex all of the time
Talking about someone from the past who hurt you only makes things worse. I understand that we all need to talk about our problems, but you can't dwell on your problems from the past. Talking about an Ex sometimes is healthy. Talking about an Ex all of the time is not. Find other things to talk about that don't put you into a depression.

Isolating Yourself from Society
I know that after a bad breakup, we all want to crawl into a hole and be left alone, but doing this will only make you think about all of the bad stuff that happened. Go out with friends that you have fun with and talk about happy things with your friends. Isolation will only make you feel like you're going crazy.

Keeping everything that an Ex has ever given you
It's cute to keep a teddy bear that gives you a memory of an Ex, but things like articles of clothing, letters, etc. will only keep you down. It's nice to keep things to remember people by, but keeping them out in the open will only remind you of them every time you see that item. Put the items in a box if you can't throw them away and put the box in a closet somewhere.

Letting your Ex call and come around whenever they want
Some breakups end with the line "I'd still like to be friends." That's nice if that's all that you want to be. If you don't and you want more, seeing that person all of the time will take a toll on your heart. Don't be afraid to separate yourself from that person for a while so that you can heal and get used to the "friend's only" status.

Changing who you are to get an Ex's attention
Just because your Ex said that they wanted someone who was more "adventurous" doesn't mean that you need to skydive to get their attention. If they don't want to be with you, let it go. There are so many other people in this world who will accept you for who you are. Just be you and you will be happy; if that's not good enough for someone, don't waste your time trying.

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Date created: June 23, 2008
Date published: June 23, 2008
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