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Boob Jobs Without the Job  by viniyo

There are always times when we need to look good. Those special occasions when we know people will be looking our way and we'll be looking theirs. However, there are always little things that seem to cause a bit of bother, especially those backless dresses, as well as the occasional stray booby. Here are a few tips to sort these few things out every time.
Stand in front of the mirror and ensure that your outfit provides the necessary coverage. Check under the arms, in case there appears to be any side cleavage. If it's a really special occasion, try and get a tan done and polish off your skin tone with your favourite transfer-resistant foundation.

Visible Bra Straps
The best way to get rid of the ghastly bra straps is with OnGossamers Satin Zip-It-Up Racerback bra. This bra is amazing. It offers full underwire support while allowing you to zip the straps together at the back so that they disappear under a tank or vest for those little T, U or V-back dresses. If you feel quite comfortable with your own bra but hate it when the straps show, add a set of detachable straps. It wouldn't be a bad idea to invest in a pair of Spanx® strapless cami, which holds in your boobs as well as your tummy.

Hiding Those Nips
For those of you who happen to be a bit on the small side when it comes to your breasts, you can buy Nippits' nipple concealment strips. If you're strapped for cash you could even cut your own from strips of skin coloured plaster bandage to hide your nipples. If you are large-breasted you could also make a mesh bra in a shade which blends right into your skin.

Learning to Go Backless
There are several different options for supporting your bust, especially for those of you spending the evening in that gorgeous backless dress. For the smaller busts you would need to buy Hollywood fashion tape, or Reveal and Hold double sided tape which sticks to both fabric and skin without harming either. It's a great buy when you purchase the tape. As it comes as part of a kit which also contains bra extenders, four pairs of nipple covers, a pair of cleavage enhancers and a self adhesive backless and strapless bra. Alternatively, if your bigger than a D cup, get a good dressmaker sew an underwire bra into the front of your dress. Do not let your boobs hang loose in silk or chiffon if their anything over a B cup.

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Date created: June 28, 2008
Date published: June 28, 2008
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