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Milk no Milk  by viniyo

I thought I loved milk.... driking all day long and whenever I got time. Suddenly, one fine day I fell sick and the doc was on the way to see me...

I was waiting for him desperately... My stomach was playing ups and downs and suddenly I hear a knock at the door.

 I run to see him.. He examines and tells me that I need to leave my lovliest drink... MILK.. or my liver is gonna going to crash :(

 So here I am today with no milk in my hand and thinking of something that could replace it ... if u culd guide plz...

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  'Milk no Milk' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Dec. 11, 2008
Date published: Dec. 11, 2008
Comments: 0
Tags: doctor, love, milk, sick
Word Count: 109
Times Read: 428
Story Length: 1