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Stop Everything 4  by veraelaine

     Finally, the author of this little story was Margo, also in therapy.  At the time, Margo's doctor suggested group thereapy for her depression.  Margo shook her head, which was almost completely grey.

  "I've trusted too many people in the past, my back feels like a pin cushion.  I keep to myself these days."  The doctor's next suggestion seemed easier.

"Why not write about your feelings.  Use any form you like."

     The events of the story are true in the sense that Margo felt like three different people in one body.  The difference is that her husband is still very much alive.  On his last trip to rehab, the two of them sat down with his therapist.  They both opened up to their feelings.  One day at a time, he has been trying to be a different, better husband, and father, for now.  As for Margo, she is learning to be less of an enabler and learning how to deal with one person, only-Margo.

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Date created: April 14, 2010
Date published: April 14, 2010
Comments: 0
Tags: marriage, relationships, trust
Word Count: 217
Times Read: 326
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 0.0/5.0 (0 votes)