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Discussion of "Stop Everything 2" by veraelaine

1 theblackhand 6 years, 9 months ago Reply

I read your 1st chapter also...both are good chapters. If you are writing from a fictional point of view, using a harder substance like crack cocaine, heroin, etc would make your work more believable. I say that because marijuana is more of a gateway drug to those sort of problems that result in rehab.
If you are speaking from past experiences (Like if maybe you are a counselor/nurse/psychiatrist,victim, etc) would you say this is becoming a common thing? Great read.

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1 veraelaine 6 years, 9 months ago Reply

Thank you theblackhand, glad you liked them. The story is fiction, but I am writing as the enabling wife of a recovering addict. I'm also 24 years clean and sober.

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