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Stop 3  by veraelaine

     Marie arrived at the sessions wearing a bright orange jumpsuit and handcuffs.  After removing the cuffs, her police escort waited in another room.  After fourteen years of worrying, trying to take care of her family and paying her husband's debts, Marie finally had enough.  Her husband had been in and out of rehabilitation so often, the children no longer missed him when he left.  Marie believed he was hiding from the dealers to whom he owed drug money.  When she couldn't stand it any longer, Marie confronted him.  She could smell the stench of weed on his clothes, As he struggled to stand before her, eyes half closed and with slurred speech (causing her to believe he was using something worse than weed), he continued to deny everything. Marie's nerves just gave out.  She took his life.


     I told my husband, "Dear, leave those people alone!  They don't mean you any good."

He would puff himself up and declare,"You just don't trust anybody.  Those guys want to be my friends!"

  "Then why do they only come around when they want something?" I demanded.

    Usually those guys came by for Dear and they would head to our basement.

  "They just want a place to smoke weed!" I told him.

He claimed, "I'm not smoking, they are."

I even asked the young men not to smoke at our home.  Dear told them tio go ahead, after they teased him about not being the head of the house.

  "I just want to fit in," he declared.

I wanted him to fit in with us, his family.

     Soon, he was owing these boys money for cocaine.  He sold almost everything we had, he even stole the rent money.  I could stand it no more.

     I asked my sister to keep the kids for a few nights.

She said,"You sound strange, is everything ok?"

 I assured her everything would be fine.  When I got home, I found our computer gone and Dear was asleep on the couch.

  "Where's the computer," I demanded, shaking him.

  "I had a slight debt.  Don't worry, I'm debt free to the best of my knowledge.  Where are the kids?" he asked, opening one eye.

  "At my sister's home," I said.  All he said was "good," and turned over.

     I went to the basement and got a hammer from the tool box.  I guess all the drugs in his system made his skin thin.  I smashed his temple and his forehead. It was like smashing an  egg.  He turned over once, and it was over.  Some day, the kids will understand.  I couldn't take the insanity, the craziness, the madness anymore.

     Marie was charged with manslaughter, and sentenced to fifteen years.  Her family (she says) is being supportive.

     At this point it should be known that May, Mary, and Marie were all one person.  May's husband convinced her not to go through with the divorce.  Although he came home for a while, he couldn't keep his word.  She continued to forgive and enable him until she couldn't take anymore.  It was just a matter of time before Mary Marie "May" Walters would get fed up and put an end to everything.  As she put it herself, the madness, craziness, and insanity were finally stopped.  It was just too bad that her trouble couldn't end while it was must madness.




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Date created: April 13, 2010
Date published: April 13, 2010
Comments: 1
Tags: abuse-physical-and-mental, drugs
Word Count: 771
Times Read: 440
Story Length: 3
Children Rank: 2.4/5.0 (1 votes)
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