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Disbelief  by veraelaine

You won't believe what came in the mail today.  I went to the mailbox expecting to find the usual junk mail and bills.  To my happy surprise, I found a check for $500.00 made out to me.  I practically flew to my room for my coat and and carkeys.  I was halfway down the street before I remembered to go back for my drivers licence and checkbook.

Hurrying to the bank, I thought of all the things I could buy with the money.  My bubble burst when the bank teller showed me what was printed in the remarks section of the check.  I was so anxious to cash it that I missed the words, "non-negotiable" written on the back of the check.

There was a note attached that read, "If your scratchers numbers match ours, this check could be yours."

They didn't.


The End.

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Date created: May 31, 2011
Date published: May 31, 2011
Comments: 2
Tags: anxious, get-rich-quick, money
Word Count: 169
Times Read: 396
Story Length: 1