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The story so far:

"The Witness"

The Witness Part 2  by veraelaine

     Sunday was the first day of spring.  Nine year old Louise and her 13 year old brother Sam kissed their mother Elaine good night and went to their rooms.  On Saturday, they spent the day visiting their father Cliff at City Hospital.  He was awake, alert and finally out of intensive care, after a severe stroke left him in a coma.  Sunday, their mother took them to church for a full day of service.  After a busy weekend, and with school and work the next day, the three of them were ready for bed.

     Louise had just finished her prayers, and was laying on her bed, staring up at the glow-in-the-dark moon and stars on the ceiling of her room, when she began falling asleep.  Suddenly, she was awakened by the sounds of men yelling.  Rubbing her eyes, Louise looked at the Barbie clock on her bedside table;  the time was 1 am.  As she carefully peeked through the blinds, she recognized tall, slender, 20 year old 'Cutie' and tall heavy set 'Pooh Bear.'  These were two of the young men who spiked Cliff's drinks while they played poker at a friend's home, one night.  Cliff called home, that night, telling Elaine he was at a card game with new friends and they would give him a ride home.  That was one of Cliff's problems, everyone he met was an instant friend.  Later that night, he was found one block from his home, lying in a gutter.  As the light of the full moon shown on his bruised body, his blue jean poskets were torn inside out and his blue leather wallet, containing $100. 00 cash, was missing.  Now, Cliff was in the hospital and Cutie and Pooh were lying in the gutter.

     The 4 men beating the crap out of them wore dingy tee shirts and faded jeans.  They were also older, taller, musculaar and very angry.  Two of the men carried metal pipes and baseball bats.  All of them were unknown to Louise, who stopped peeking just long enough to wake Sam and bring him to her room.  The slender boy sat on the bed, beside his sister, rubbing his dark brown eyes and scratching his head, covered by a large afro.  The two of them listened as one of the heavy set men spoke

  "We're gonna show you punks just how we treat people who cheat at cards,: he said, angrily.

As Louise opeed the blinds a little wider,, Sam stopped her.

  "They might see you," he warned, pulling her pudgy little brown hand from the blinds.  He gently lifted the blinds himself and peeked again.

     The 4 men stood over Pooh who was on his knees, rubbing his stomach and his eyes.

  He pleaded, "Let us go, y'all.  We were just messing around, We weren't gonna keep the money."

One of the men, named Herman, raised his arm and pushed one of his sleeves to the shoulder, showing a long jagged scar going down to his elbow. 

  "I got this from one of you,  a year ago.  I was drugged, robbed, and one of you cut me!" he hissed.

Apparently, the same thing happened to each of the other three men.  Another man, named Marvin spoke,

  "Tonight, we'll show you our appreciation.:

The sight of the deep frowns etched on the men's faces, the hatred eminating from their eyes, plus the heat of the night were all too much for the normally grinning Cutie.  He began to whimper uncontrollably.  With the bright street lights shining on their bald heads, two of the men drug Cutie around the corner to an alley.  Herman and Marvin stayed with Pooh Bear, on the empty lot.  A rag was shoved far into Pooh Bear's mouth while he was forced to lie, face down on the pavement.  Running his big, thick fingers through his sweaty afro, Marvin grabbed Pooh's arms and stood on one side, planting one foot (in a heavy cleated tan boot) firmly in the middle of the young man's back.  Herman looked around to make sure no one else was outside.  He took what appeared to be a torn rag from his pocket to wipe the sweat from his balding, dark head.  He then, removed his thick belt, and holding the buckle tightly in his right hand, he proceeded to spank Pooh as hard as he could, until the back of his pants and shirt were in shreds and soaked with blood.  Once Herman was finished, he and Marvin tied Pooh to an old lamp post and told him not to worry, Cutie was getting his spanking, as well.  Finally, Herman told Pooh to stick to kids' games, gambling is for grown men.  Marvin warned hiim to accept his butt whipping like a man and tell no one what happened to him.  They would keep his identification cards, "in case we need to find you again."  Then the two men left.

     The street remained empty, except for the bleeding young man.  If anyone cared to look, they would have seen a small figure, wearing a hockey mask and carrying a baseball bat, climb out of a window and run tward the moaning Pooh.   After whacking the wounded man across his backside, at least three times, the figure ran back to the window and climbed back inside.  Louise and Sam were laughing so hard, they had to duck under the covers to keep anyone (mom) from hearing them.

  "He sounded just like a big baby," whispered a giggling Louise.

Their laughter was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Mom's head peering into Louise's bedroom.  Her tone was serious, and her dark eyes were puffy from lack of sleep, yet she managed a little smile.

  "I thought I heard voices.  It's 3am.  Get back to bed," she said trying to sound firm.

After Elaine returned to her own room.  Sam shoved the baseball bat under his sister's bed, and tucked the mask in the waist band of his pajama pants.  With a warning stare at his sister, he whispered,

  "Keep quiet, maybe she didn't hear you go out."

Winking at her brother, Louise added, "I hope not."

     Indeed, Elaine didn't hear what happened in Louise's bedroom.  She was busy listening to the strangers who were in the alley across from her bedroom window.  Unknowingly, she was witnessing Cutie receiving the same spanking as his friend Pooh.  Afterward, he was tied to a lamppost, warned to keep quiet and left alone.

     The night was just as still and quiet as ever, when a tall slender figure emerged from another window.  This figure carried a broom and walked purposefully toward the moaning young man.

     The next day, Elaine and her children awoke in good spirits as the neighborhood and news were all abuzz about the beaten young men.  No one was ever charged and no witnesses ever came forward.



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Date created: Oct. 13, 2010
Date published: Oct. 17, 2010
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