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draft of gun story (draft)  by tmjohnson

And I crack open my tactless little hiding place and take a peek at my .22 while I silently bask in the pristinely red, white and blue absurdity that granted me the inalienable right to have bought this so easily - my personal, self-governed Supreme Court.  And I giggle a little when I think of the Constitution wonder how those silly men 200 and some years ago transitioned seamlessly from granting folks the right to speak on into letting them have murder weapons.... "so first, any man can say what he pleases..... but if someone disagrees, or thinks that he's a jerk-off, then we should let him be able to shut him up pronto...."  That's how I think it all happened - or that's how I like to think it did.... and I can think it, say it, and defend my story with firearms - not many ideas nor proposals last a quarter of a millennium.

  And the confusion - the confusion that struck me when I first saw the gun - switches into solid, sensible, undeniable certainty and all it takes is a couple neurons getting their **** together.  I have that gun because I hate people like me - 

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