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Suicide is the Proof of Life...5  by theusedani

"...and I was like, I'm gay you freak!"
I laughed at Derek's story and almost choked on my food. He giggled as I calmed down. He showed me around the mall and now we were at the food court. He had been telling me stories about his life and I've been telling him about mine. As we sat there eating quietly, I remembered something I had been meaning to ask him since I had my talk with Leon.
"I met Leon, outside of the first store."
Derek stopped eating and looked up at me, "Really? What happened? Did he hurt you?"
"Actually he didn't, we just talked. And he was-he was really weird."
"I got that when you said 'we just talked'. What did he do?"
"Well he was really giggly and he talked to me like a normal person would- I mean! Not that you're not...he's not...ugh, he wasn't angry. That's what I meant."
Derek laughed at my comment, "Awww he was drunk. He only gets like that when he is."
"What do you mean? I didn't smell any alcohol."
"Leon has the worst alcohol tolerance in the world. I wouldn't be surprised if he got drunk off of only half a cup."
"I still don't get it. How come his anger isn't, you know, like worst when he's drunk."
"Well, I remember when I was like seven or something, some dumb **** thought that alcohol was the cure to the anger issue. Just because some people were less angry when they were drunk. Of course, this led to utter disaster after a guy got piss drunk and killed his whole family. Some people are happy drunks, but alcohol does lead to people getting even more angry."
Suddenly I got a flashback of my father, hitting me. I flinched at the thought, "Yeah, I know how that is."
Derek gave me a concerned look, "What's wrong?"
"Nothing. Nothing."
"You sure? You can tell me if something is bothering you."
I smiled at him, "Nah, its nothing really. Actually I'm kind of tired. Do you think we can go back home?"
"Yeah, sure. Come on."


Derek threw our bags next to the door and lead me to his bedroom. I noticed that he only had two things that I could sleep on, his bed and his couch.
"Alrighty! I hope you don't mind, but we need to share the bed."
My eyes widened, "Umm...I can sleep on the couch if you want. I really don't mind."
He laughed, "Oh no, I haven't washed it yet. You know, busy weekend."
I started coughing as I choked on my own spit. 'Note to self: before sitting on the couch. Check that it's washed.'
I looked over at Derek's bed. It looked like it barely fit him in it. 'How are we supposed to share it?' I sighed, 'good thing he's gay.'
He went into his bathroom and I heard the shower start running. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. I went to the bags next to the door and looked for the pajamas I had gotten earlier in the day. As I was changing I heard the front door open and close and before I could cover up my half naked body, Sloane walked into the room. He smirked as he looked me up and down. I sneered at him and put my clothes on quickly before he could try anything. "Cant you knock?"
"Not if there's a chance of seeing a lovely lady such as yourself half naked."
Luckily Derek came out of the bathroom before Sloane could rape me or something. Derek didn't seem too happy with Sloane being in the room, whether it was because he was undressing me with his eyes or if it was the fact that he was only in a towel, I didn't know. His face did look a little pink as he said, "Sloane...can you...umm wait outside or something? I'll be right out."
"Sure thing, Der."
As Sloane left the apartment Derek ran to the bags next to the door and started looking through them. He was acting like there was a fire or something. "Woah, Derek. What's with the hurry?"
He turned to me and laughed nervously, "Oh it's nothing really."
He ran into the bathroom again. I sat on his bed and watched as he got ready. I mean, I didn't watch him dress or anything, but it was pretty amusing seeing him so excited. He even put on some makeup. From what I could see, Derek had a crush on Sloane. I didn't want to assume anything so I just kept quiet. He put on one of the new leather ensembles he had bought himself. He finally sighed contently as he looked at his reflection. He turned to me with an apologetic look, "Is it okay with you if I go out? I mean I could stay and-"
"No, no! Go out, have fun. I'm tired and I need some sleep."
He smiled, hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek as he ran out of the apartment. I could hear Sloane whistle say something before I heard their footsteps walking down the hallway.
I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. When I got out I heard the door to the apartment open and heard voices. I peeked around the corner into the small living room and watched with wide eyes as Sloane and Derek made out heavily against the door. I turned away when they began undressing. I softly shut the door and laid back down. I tried to shut out the noises in the living room as I fell asleep.

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Date created: Feb. 2, 2009
Date published: Feb. 2, 2009
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