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"A Woman Scorned"

No Catch and Release  by teresa98671

It certainly wouldn't be hard to find her. I began to use this hatred to motivate my actions.  My thoughts, actions and dreams were all centered on the blond binbo and how to destroy her.  She was not a human being in my eyes but a snake, a slithering, venemous snake that had enticed my husband and sunk her teeth into him, and it was over.  I shall find her and skin her alive

.Acting on my hatred, I began to live again, if you want to call what I was experiencing as living.  Automatic pilot took over my being, showering, cleaning the house, gardending, daily chores and normal activities all done without a thought because my thoughts were consumed with hatred of the bimbo and plans on how to rid the world of this bitch.  I could easily put a bullet into her but that was too good for her. I want her to suffer, I want her to feel the agony at the destruction she caused me by taking my husband and destroying my world.I came up with many different ways of torture but they all seemed too good for her, too easy.  She had to die in a way that was long and drawn out. 

My favorite idea was to use a razor and make a coupk make a hundred, or even a thousand or so little cuts alll over her body and cover her in salt, alcohol or some such painful way, just let her bleed out.  Of course I could just get a crate, shove her in it and bury her alive, letting her slowly die as her air is used up, all the while knowing what was happening, feeling the terror of her impending demise.

Parking across the street among a used car lot I was able to see clearly if he came into work.  I was there only a few moments when his convertable approached and turned in accross from me.  Right on time.  I didn't have anything urgent to do so there I sat, waitng for him to leave work. Hatred makes some people's blood boil, but mine turns to ice.  Strolling out to his car I glared at him, I hated him.  I followed at a distance, even though he wouldn't know the rental car I was driving.  I didn't want to take any chances that might foil my plan.  Through streets lined with shops, a grocery store and a mom and pop restaurant we ound our way through a neighborhood that looked familiar.  After a short while the scenery changed.  Passing a large park we came upon the college and student housing, large homes made into apartments... he made a left turn, then pulled up beside a yellow two story house.  Getting out he climbed a starecase on the side of the home to the second story where he pulled out a key and entered a door toward the rear of the house.  Now I knew where he was staying.  I decided to wait.  Not long after that She showed up.  Carrying an armload of books she dissappeared through the same door.My plans began to come together. 

 I wanted to erase her from life, no catch and release only to have her rip apart more lives, oh no, I couldn't let that happen.

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Date created: June 15, 2008
Date published: June 15, 2008
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Word Count: 607
Times Read: 475
Story Length: 1