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...lies, in the depth of darkness! Chapter 1 : Moment of grief  by sutirtho
April, 2006

I died sometime back. Two hours almost! And they noticed that I was missing only a while ago and started ransacking the entire hostel for me, until they broke the door of my room open. Was I that famous? I don’t think so! But yes, I could see then, that people were so concerned after finding me hanging from the ceiling fan. Of course, there was a reason for showing concern. You don’t get to see someone in that pose every day! And yes, especially when someone had died in your hostel.

My body was laid on my bed, after they pulled it down. People were trying to figure out if I’d left a suicide note or something. And there was Karan, utterly confused brat like ever! Haroon couldn’t believe his eyes and was crying out loudly. Nigel and Anuj were not talking, they were petrified, literally; they’d broken down so much. The hostel warden had arrived along with the Dean of student affairs, the Director and some other professors They hadn’t informed my parents that far. My ‘so called’ other friends were all shell-shocked. There were many rounds of discussions and speculations going on around the hostel. And never in my lifetime had so many people ever gathered near my room! No-one was able to figure out why I had done that to myself. Anuj and Nigel tried calling up my parents.

“Hello?” Dad echoed.

“Hello uncle, I’m Sutirtho’s friend Anuj here.”

“Yes son, how are you?”

“Uncle, Sutirtho’s condition is serious; he is sick; we need you here.”

“What happened?!” Dad’s tensed voice reverberated across the line.

“All we can tell you is that he’s ill, and he needs you as soon as possible; please try coming soon, we are very sorry to pass on this news and asking you to come all of a sudden, but the situation is very urgent.”

Nigel tried stopping Anuj from relating the information with such a tone; he made so many signs and distractions, but Anuj had a blank mind; he couldn’t figure out a clear way of speaking, hiding the salient details!

“But tell me something at least?” Dad was eager and his voice spelt signs of tension.

“He had fallen down from the third floor accidentally; he’s in the ICU, and doctors are trying to resuscitate him!” Nigel snatched the phone from Anuj and said that in a single breathe. He knew that sudden news of death could cause complications. So it was always necessary to tone down the bad news.

“You should have done the entire talking Nigel; I just couldn’t handle it properly!” Anuj mumbled.

The dean was talking with the principal, and they decided that they’d inform the police. So, Mr. Manjunath Gowda, Inspector, Yehalanka Police station arrived along with two constables. Our dean filed an FIR in order to start up proceedings with the case. They blocked my room for a search, to find clues. And then they started questioning the hostel inmates.

Anuj, Karan, Haroon and Nigel were the ones that were the closest to me, so they were held up with the police for sometime.

It was Nigel’s turn after Karan.

“Nigel, so, what do you think could be the cause of this?” Mr. Gowda asked.

“Sir, I don’t find a reason; he didn’t have enemies in the college; that’s one thing I’m sure about.”

“Did you see any change in him yesterday? Was he depressed?”

“He was a bit uncommunicative yesterday, but that’s his normal self, whenever he’s thinking deeply, he hardly talks.”

“But, don’t you think that could be related with this?” Mr. Gowda mused.

“Umm.. I’m sorry sir; I don’t know how to relate things.” Nigel had never come across a police inquiry. He didn’t have an idea about things he could communicate, and those he should not.

“Ok, how was he in studies?”

“He was good; he was one among the top five students.”

“Was there any kind of competition, enmity because of that?”

“No, I think, that’s because he used to help everyone with studies.” Nigel replied.

“How was Sutirtho as a friend? How did you people form the famous-five?” Anuj-Nigel-Karan-Haroon-Sutirtho: we guys were referred to as famous-five. That was because we were always together in every venture. We couldn’t get rooms near to each other in the final year, because, it was awarded merit-wise. But still we would hardly stay away from each other. We used to study together, even when Karan and I were classmates, and so would Haroon, Nigel and Anuj.

Nigel spoke about our deep bond of friendship, right from the first year. “Sutirtho, was one my dearest friends in this college. It’s a personal loss for me, and I am absolutely heart broken.” He started crying bitterly.

Mr. Gowda let him go; he then called in Haroon, Anuj and few other guys. He decided to retain my body for an autopsy; however, he needed a formal permission from my parents. The police couldn’t allow it to be taken for cremation until the reports came up. He talked with the dean of student affairs, the Director and few other professors. He also talked with the working staff of the hostel, i.e. the guards, canteen boys and watchmen.

My parents arrived in the evening. They were in for the most devastating piece of information of their lifetime. My mother fainted immediately, and my father was frozen. Words could hardly, perfectly, commiserate such a loss. I was their only son. They had so many dreams and expectations on me. They wanted me to prosper in life. For me, they were the best”est” parents in the entire world. I couldn’t even touch them, talk with them. I felt so enervated; this gap between life and death was killing me once again. It made me a disparate taciturn entity. No one on earth could possibly provide a satiable reason for my death to my parents. It was growing heavily difficult for my friends to talk with them at their moment of grief.

My tongue was sticking out at the time they pulled me down. There were little blood marks on my face and eyes due to burst capillaries. The post mortem reports came. It said: death due to strangulation leading to asphyxiation. There was a cervical fracture, in my neck, that caused a traumatic spinal chord injury. The hyoid bone was also broken. The death happened at 5:00 am. My body was available for claim from the morgue. I couldn’t look at my parents’ faces in their bereavement. Hardly anything could comfort them, and they started doubting all my friends; Nigel, Karan, Anuj and Haroon. The college was closed for a day, and the previous day everyone had gathered at the porch to attend the condolence meeting. Our Director, Mr. Arora made a speech, followed by Professor Sameer, and some other professors, the ones who closely knew me. I saw my dear friends all in tears; I saw Anuj holding Nigel and trying to comfort even when he found it hard to stop his own tears. I saw Haroon, his eyes were all swollen and red, and I knew he couldn’t ever think of losing me.

After my cremation, my parents decided to stay back till they could find out true facts about my death. The case was anyway under investigation by local police.
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