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into the darkness ''Blades''  by superhuman

I woke up finding myself in a room with knifes and guns and any dangerous weapons you can think of. I was so scared, I started crying. '' I don't want to die,'' I was saying to myself. The man came in grinning, sucking on his tooth. I asked him what he wanted from me, he said, " Everything," My heart was beating two times the rate it was, if that. He picked up a long four foot knife. He came over to me and put it right by my neck. I started breathing harder, causing my neck to go into the blade. He pulled it away from me as he said '' Not long enough'' as he pulled it away I say my blood on the knife. I saw him pick up another blade, this one was five feet long. Once again he put it to my neck and someone called him. He ran downstairs and kept the door open.

I tried to make my escape and I heard someone coming upstairs, I started calling for help. It was the same man.He acted like he was about to slice my neck, but instead he socked me, knocking two teeth out and knocking me unconcious, again.

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Date created: Feb. 9, 2009
Date published: Feb. 9, 2009
Comments: 0
Tags: horror
Word Count: 209
Times Read: 367
Story Length: 1