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Disturbia  by sumedh007d

Sometime people just don’t have enough faith in their ability.


Not me. I tried again.


Every day I used to get up for no reason at all. I had no ambition left in me. I woke up, got ready and left for my 10 to 10 job as a software professional in a multinational company in a metropolitan city of India. After the initial bubble of excitement burst, I hated my job, but who doesn’t. Hardly anyone gets to work in a field they are passionate about, their dream jobs.

I too was no different. I too wanted to be someone. I too dreamt.


But that seems a long time ago; the time when I used to sleep. Its ironic though. Now I feel like I’ve been sleeping all my life. And now that I’ve realized it, I don’t know how to get out of it. Most people would have given up hope by now.


Not me. I tried again.


But thing I really loved and really miss now is waking up at 7, having a hot cup of tea in the cold shivering morning, and then going back to bed again. Now that I remember it, I wish I could have done it more often. But those times had flown away. Dreams had changed. Times had changed. But most unfortunately I couldn’t change.

The funny thing about dreams is that most of them you forget as soon as you open your eyes. You may try as hard as you want but you don’t remember a thing. That according to me is the negativity the real world brings along with it. As soon as we are back in it, we forget our dreams. It’s frustrating for some. It was for me too. Too bad I couldn’t change with the world. But it didn’t mean I stopped trying. I gave my best shot every time.


I tried again.


Giving your best is one thing. What about life sucking the best out of you and spitting you out mercilessly. People would say you should pick yourself up and move on. You try. You are stomped by the crowd of those very same people. And so you choose the easier way out. You start crawling. And you realize you aren’t the only one there. There many like you. People crawled.


Not me. I tried again.


The thing about crawling is that you always have a hope that someday you will walk again. Your life begins with crawling as a toddler. Your day begins with crawling out of the bed. Your day ends with crawling into the bed. And too late you realize that your life has ended the same way. Most people don’t realize that they’ve been crawling all their life. Those are called happy. Ignorance is bliss they say. And I agree with them. They close their eyes and think that the world can’t see them. But as soon as they open their eyes…




“The drama finally ended, rather peacefully, after long 3 hours during which the software professional had already shot as many people. The police have also seized the M24 silenced sniper rifle most surely the murder weapon. This is just one of the many incidents in the recent times where mentally disturbed people have vented out their rage on innocent by standers. This is Pratima Jha for BBC Asia Live.”


I can’t stand and I can’t understand this ignorant behavior of people. It drives me crazy, it makes me mad. And you know that thing about madness. Madness is like gravity… all it takes is a little push.

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Date created: May 14, 2009
Date published: May 14, 2009
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Tags: psychology
Word Count: 1277
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