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Vampirepelt (draft)  by stanleyiv

The world is full of two things. Death, and cats. I'm a sexy goffik vampire cat named Vampirepelt. I have short sexy black hair with red eyes and red spots on my paws and tail. On my chest I have a sexy red spot of fur shaped like a pentacle. Once i was just a regular housepet, until i decided to explore outside of my yard. I journeyed into the forest about a block from my territory. I smelt sexy piss in the air and knew i was entering someone elses woods. I could smell the scents of at least ten other cats surrounding me. There was a russle of leaves and soon twenty sexy shinning eyes starred at me. A sexy cat stepped out from the trees. He was a golden orange and was so obviously a prep. 

"Halt, who the hell goes there?!" the high-cheeked feline spoke sexily.

I stuck my middle paw up at him, sexily.

"My name is cigarettepelt"

I could tell why. His fur was a bright orange with occasional sexy black and grey spots that looked just like ashes.

"I'm Vampirepelt," I said sexily.

I was surounded and it was clear i wouldnt be making it back home tonight. I had no choice buit to follow thier commands and plunge deeper into the woods. They lead me through the trees to an abandoned shack. 

"Where the **** am I?" I asked, sexily.

"This is the shadowclan shack, bitch," returned Cigarettepelt sexily.

He brought me inside and showed me to my new bed. It was a worn and torn plush doggy bed with blood spots on it. 

"wtf, i'm not sleeping in this, you **** poser, wtf, ****."

"do whatever you want." he said sexily, then left.

That **** poser. He's such a prep.

(AN: Bitches, stop flamming, If you don't like this blog then you're a prep. No it's not fanfiction, this really happend! So stfu and go die, preps. **** you preps. i hate preps.)

I was pretty pissed that i couldnt go home and listen to MCR (omfg, gerd way is sooooo sexy!) so i decided to cut my wrist sexily. I ran my claw through my fur and blood shaped like pentacles poured from me, in a sexy manner.

There was a sexy meow behind me and i whipped around quickly. There was a sexy Black and grey goffic cat with red eyes. 

"My names Bloodybramblepelt. What's yours, bitch?" He said sexily.

"I'm Vampirepelt, what the hell do you want?" I said sexily.

"I was wondering if you were lonely, you **** prep. Is that bed cold?" He asked sexily.

"come find out." I said sexily.

(AN: Look preps, Vampirepelt isn't a slut, she just really likes him, okay? He's sexy, so stop flamming.")

He mounted me sexily, and licked my pussy (get it, cause i'm a cat.) I meowed sexily and smelled happily when it was over. His cum was bloody and looked like sexy pentacles.

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Date created: July 7, 2011
Date modified: 2 days, 6 hours ago
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Tags: warriors
Word Count: 567
Times Read: 232
Story Length: 1