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Get Mine  by staceface
She would pass by every now and then.  Her small frame would shake back and forth in a taunting way and he pretended to ignore it, especially when he was watching TV.  His eyes would dart toward the hall when his brain triggered movement and she would glance over her shoulder in an inconspicuous manner. She was teasing him, begging him to follow her and he would pretend not to notice her, but he always noticed. 

It wasn't often that she was there, she stayed on occasion but almost always would she return to her hotel suite before anyone "important" could notice, by important that meant anyone who would be interested in writing tabloid stories.  She'd slip out quietly, before the sun rose.  She mainly resided in New York, and his place was lost amongst a sea of celebrity homes in the Hollywood Hills of L.A.   On the random, few and far between visits when she did stay, she would be there for days at a time, usually less than a week.  He grew accustomed to the smell of her perfume, and the ring her glass always left on his coffee table.  He liked waking up with the sound of the shower running or the smell of bacon cooking downstairs. They had an understanding, they both came and went as they pleased and sometimes neither one of them knew where the other was.   

This particular time was no different, except he found himself checking the days more often than usual when she was away.  It had been twenty-one days.  He had been watching games, going out with friends and coming home to an empty bed every night for twenty-one days.  She hadn't walked by that den with that seductive glance and her body hadn't tantalized him for weeks.  And he was starting to wonder, which scared him, was this "understanding" really worth it?

He must have dozed off during the basketball game he was watching without realizing, because he woke up a few hours later to the barking of dogs.  His senses snapped him back to reality when he heard the faint sound of a woman's voice calming the hyper puppies.  

She was back.  

Wearing a short denim skirt, heavy sweatshirt, black bandanna, and flip-flops, she glanced over her shoulder the same way she always did when she passed that room and continued on down the hallway.  She was lifting the sweatshirt over her body when he entered his bedroom behind her.  A smile fell upon his lips, but he hid it before she could notice.  

Raising an eyebrow to him, she began unbuttoning her white shirt, "You called six times, I think that's a new record."

He shrugged his shoulders, dismissing her comment, "Where did you go?"

"Chicago and New York.  I had some promoting to do."

"For twenty-one days?"  He questioned, nearly sounding like a young boy who was whining.

"Long days."  She added, with a sigh.

He smiled, his tall body hovering over her.  His mouth capturing her own, she dipped her head to the side, allowing his lips greater access to hers.  His wet kisses then made a path from her lips, over her jaw, and then to her neck.  Her eyelids opened, then fluttered shut again as his tongue took personal assault behind her ear.  His warm breath placed goose bumps all over her body as her hands rubbed the back of his head, lightly massaging the neckline of his hair.  

Their fingers intertwined as their lips locked in another long kiss, "I missed you."

Smirking, she replied with a questioning glance, "Me?  You missed the sex."

Shaking his head 'no' mid-kiss, he paused, "You.  I missed you."  He stated it so boldly that she couldn't help but smile.

Pulling away from his body and his grip she headed toward the bathroom,  "You know we have an agreement."

"That doesn't mean I don't miss you when you aren't here."

"You don't want a relationship.  It's been working so far."

"You don't want a relationship either!"  He snapped.  "Don't put all of this on me.  Besides, having sex isn't all we do."

She replied in an irritated tone, "Yeah.  But talking only gets us in trouble."  She then lifted her arms in a gesture that said "look at this situation!" .  "If you don't mind, I'm going to take a shower and then I have to meet my agent for dinner."

He rolled his eyes, "You know where the bathroom is."  She nodded as a response, but kept her eyes from his.  

He was annoyed by her dismissive actions.  Every time he tried to talk to her about their "situation" she went on the defense. But the truth was, he had not seen her in nearly a month, and starting an argument with her now would be the last thing that his mind or his body could handle.  "Are you coming back tonight?" He asked.  Slipping off her skirt, she shrugged and entered the bathroom.  Before she could reach the shower door he caught her arm with his hand, spun her around and captured her lips in a quick kiss, "Please, come back tonight."

She smirked, wiping his bottom lip with her thumb, "I suppose I can do that."

Winking, he turned on his heel and headed back to the den to pass the time.
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Date created: May 19, 2008
Date published: May 19, 2008
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Word Count: 1130
Times Read: 1150
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 2.0/5.0 (8 votes)