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Hold Me Back  by srx-19

This can’t be happening. I don’t want Emma to know, I want to get out of here now. She starts to walk over, no, she’s going to hurt me and I know it. Amy puts her arms around my neck, tightly.


“How did you get that Sarah?” Emma asks standing next to me. I’m not answering her.


“Sarah,” Amy says shaking me. I stare at the wall in front of me moving my head up and down. There is no point in struggling, Amy is to strong and I daren’t knock Emma out of the way. I look at Emma, and then the door, it’s open.


“Sarah can you tell me how you got this?” No, I don’t. Taking a deep breath in I prepare for what is to come. Amy loosens her grip; she thinks I’m not going to do anything. Sorry Amy, I take my right hand out her way, and smack her in the face.


“Ahh,” she screams. I throw my shoes and overall out the room, I punch Emma in the face, and run out the room. I shut the door, and grab the wheel. I wheel it all the way to the right, and keep a hold of it. What have I done? With all my might I put it as tight as I can. No one is around. I put my shoes and over all on. Footsteps are approaching. Panicking, I slide down the pole and into the bathroom I go. They go past, I look out, and now no one is about.


Right, this is it, I can actually run away. This is my moment, I feel free. Thinking of all these happy thoughts I run out. I look down the first corridor, no one is here, and I sprint down. I look the down the second corridor, no one is here, and I sprint down. I look down the third corridor; I see Danielle and Kelly a few feet up. I smile to myself, I have an idea. They glare at me as I get near them.


“Sarah what are you doing here?” Kelly asks.


“Apparently Emma wants me,” I say.


“Emma went to the dining room – “


“Why are you alone?” Danielle asks.


“I dunno” they both look at each other. “What?”


“Come on” and they both go towards me.


“Well hang on” I quickly duck under them and jump behind them.


“Hey,” they yell. I start running backwards. “Sarah come back”


“Na, make me” they look at each other. I turn and sprint.


“Hoi” Crashing out the doors a gust of wind flies past me. Kate is up ahead, I didn’t really plan this out.


“What are you doing?” Kate yells. Looking back I see Danielle and Kelly gaining on me. I throw the door and it knocks one of them back. I turn left, and sprint to the corner where the walls are high, surrounding the building. Throwing myself to the ledge, I grab it and go over head first. I manage to land on my knees and facing the ground. That was close. I can hear voices from the other side of the wall, and they sound angry.


I scramble to my feet, and start to sprint through the trees and bushes. Freedom is in the air around me. I smile as I run faster and hear the wind whistling in my ears. This is absolutely amazing, I’m free finally!






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  'Hold Me Back' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: May 27, 2011
Date published: May 27, 2011
Comments: 0
Tags: dread, fear, girl, guards, insignificance, jail, pain, scared, torture
Word Count: 2086
Times Read: 487
Story Length: 7
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (1 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (7 votes)