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The Blue Guitars  by srx-19

I pull my trouser legs up to reveal two large red patches on my legs. Tears trickle down my neck and onto my overalls; I don’t bother wiping them away. I go to stand up, but Amy holds me.


“Sarah,” she says. I let her push me back down. “What do you want?”


“Bathroom,” I say wiping my mouth on my sleeve. As I start to shake all over I am eager to get to the door.


“Hurry up” and I leap towards the door. Voices can be heard near by. I slide down the pole and jump into the bathroom. I look in the mirror; my ponytail is sticking out at weird angles, my face is red, I have about three scars and I’m still crying. Pulling random cupboard doors open I search for some hairspray. I pull some out, and fix my hair. Now I pull my overall off and go to the toilet.


“That’s better,” I say washing my hands. I sit down, and analyse these red patches on my legs. This is now the third time this has happened. It is just strange, I wonder how it happens. I scratch at them, and continue to do it. Now I find myself looking at two blue guitars. The door is pushed a bit, and Amy walks in. She is gob smacked. How do I explain myself? She locks the door and sits in front of me.


“Oh Sarah…” she says as if she was expecting this to happen.


“I’m sorry,” I say apologetically.


“It’s ok, I would have done the same if I was you” she goes to touch them, I twitch slightly, and her hands are soft, warm and comforting. I now feel safe around Amy.

The door is knocked repeatedly, making me jump.


“Sarah, open the door,” Emma yells. I look at Amy not knowing what to do. I get the sudden feeling the door is going to break, and Emma is going to kill me. I watch Amy as she opens the door; I quickly back off to the wall. Emma looks at me, and stops dead in her tracks. She looks round at Amy, who is now locking the door. Making no eye contact I hold my knees close to my chest and take a deep breath in.


“Emma if you want to talk to her I suggest you calm down ok?” Amy asks her.


“Fine” She now sits down in front of me, God only knows what she is going to do to me. “Sarah, there are a lot of things you don’t know - no, Amy I can’t do this” she gets up, and then Amy holds her.


“Look Emma, if you won’t tell her I will”


“No – fine, Sara the only reason you’re stuck in this dump is because you’re retard of an aunt is too scared to see you. She thinks we treat you with care and you’re all happy families – Amy let me out” and she pushes Amy out the way and walks out, Amy then follows her and shuts the door. Is what Emma just said true? Or a pack of lies? I guess I have to decide for myself now.


The only way to find out is to follow them. I get up, and see them and catch up.


“You couldn’t have put that any more bluntly could you?” Amy asks yelling.


“Look - right, I’m going through too much right now with Kay – “


“You’re going through too much? What about Sarah? What about all the pain she’s gone through?”


“Amy can we please talk about this elsewhere?”


“No, I don’t care if everyone can hear, if I’ve been living with her for the past fourteen years I think I know how she’s been feeling and what’s going through her head”


“Yeah I know that, and Zoe put me in charge of this place for some strange, weird unknown reason. Then her, Kate and Laura are off out there all the time getting drunk or whatever”


“Zoe doesn’t get drunk she’s depressed over Sarah. Depressed about the fact she can’t talk to her own niece, she’s scared, she doesn’t know what to say to her. She thinks the past is all behind us, she thinks we feed and clothe her – the most depressing part of it is that she thinks we’re nice to her” someone walks from around the corner, it’s Kate. Thinking she might hurt me I back against the wall.


“What the hell is going on?” Kate asks aggressively.


“Just thought I’d tell Sarah the truth since Emma’s not”


“Can we take this conversation elsewhere?” they all stand and stare and exchange looks with each other. “Sarah come on, your room” then I climb the bars and jump into my room, I sit on my bed. They come up shortly after.


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Date created: May 27, 2011
Date published: May 27, 2011
Comments: 0
Tags: dread, fear, girl, guards, insignificance, jail, pain, scared, torture
Word Count: 2749
Times Read: 398
Story Length: 5
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (1 votes)
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