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Murder On Mind  by srx-19

“Emma,” I yell running over to her and pin her on the wall.


“Look Sarah I know your mad - ,” Emma starts to cry.


“Yeah, I bet you do but first – “the doors start to open.


“Oh no…” I grab her tighter and drag her round the corner. I take her past the trees just to make sure we won’t be heard.


“Where have they gone?” Laura’s voice echoes. I bring Emma down to the ground; she is starting to cry more.


“Sarah what are you going to do to me?” Emma asks. I pin her on the ground, with her head nearly in the bushes. I can’t bare to see her like this, I start punching her, without thinking at all.


“Hoi!” people yell. I am pulled off Emma and pinned on the wall. With tears on my face I drop down on the wall, curl up, and cry into my knees. I could have killed her, if I wasn’t pulled off, I would have killed her.


“Emma are you ok?” someone asks.


“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m fine,” Emma cries. They start to walk away, and someone puts a hand to my shoulder.


“Sarah it’s me, it’s Amy,” a soft and caring voice says. I put my head on my right shoulder and look at Amy. “You ok?”


“No,” I say crying.


“Bit of a shock seeing Zoe isn’t it?”




“She really wants to talk to you”


“No… she’s gonna hurt me”


“Hey, hey, Sarah she doesn’t wanna do that she only wants to talk to you. If you want I can come with you yeah?”


“Yeah but… this is all just weird”


“Yeah I know it is Sarah, Zoe really wants to sort all this out. She know’s that she’s left it to long but she really didn’t know what to do if you talk to her you can sort something out, no one wants to go on living like this”




“What do you say then?”




“Good” and she hugs me, making me feel loved, and cared for. “Zoe said to go back to her house ok” Amy says.


“Ok,” I say. Amy holds my hand and helps me up. Walking through the trees I think this is going to turn out well. Or is this all just an act to kill me? Only time will tell now. As we approach her house I’m starting to have second thoughts.


“Sarah it’s going to be ok, I’m here” she opens the door and pushes me in. It’s a big house; stairs run up the left hand side wall, a kitchen is in the back left, and a lounge on the right hand side. Zoe is sitting on a sofa opposite the television, which is in the far right corner of the room.


“Sarah can you come with me?” Zoe asks standing up, and walks over to us. I back off, but Amy holds me.


“It’s ok, just go with Zoe,” Amy says, and then pushes me towards her.


“Come on, take your shoes off” I quickly take them off, and Zoe pushes me up first. We are upstairs, there are many doors on the right and left, God only knows what is in them. She opens the first door on the right and pushes me in. There is a door on the right which is the bathroom, a big bed is at the back with 2 bedside tables and on the right is a wardrobe. She grabs my front and unzips my overall. “Take it off”


“Ok,” I say, and she helps me take it off. She goes into the wardrobe, rakes through some clothes and pulls out a green strap top.


“Take this off” she pulls my t-shirt, and I quickly take it off. I put the strap top on. “Come here” she pushes me onto the bed. “Sarah I didn’t want things to turn out this way, none of us did, I’m gonna put this on you…” she puts something on the tip of her finger, it looks sticky.


“What is it?”


“Don’t ask questions, come here” she puts it on the left side of my neck. A cold shot shoots all the way up my neck, and I feel it go into my brain. All my muscles go numb, and I feel myself go hot and cold at the same time. “Shh” and Zoe puts my head down.


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Date created: May 27, 2011
Date published: May 27, 2011
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Tags: dread, fear, girl, guards, insignificance, jail, pain, scared, torture
Word Count: 3109
Times Read: 600
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (2 votes)