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Freedom  by sophiavonwrangell

"Now she is my Bound partner!" Thought Mary gleefully as she held the young body in her arms. Hungrily, with a 400 year old hunger, she kissed the surprised Mwer's lips, forcing her tongue deep inside the young woman's mouth. She could feel the sensual warmth spreading slowly through the limbs of her new body, she could feel her skin growing goosebumps, she could feel the warmth of their compounding bodies, the wetness of their mouths. "To be able to do this!" she thought, "to be able to have a woman sexual partner!"

-Can we go somewhere? She asked breathlessly.

Mwer looked at her in astonishment.

-What do you mean go somewhere? Now?!

Mary's brain signaled danger. Slowly, reluctantly, she disentalngled herself from the embrace.

- Well, I don't mean right this minute. I lost myself in you for a moment.

A slow smile spread over Mwer's features.

-That's new, my Bound partner. Are you sure there was no virus in your computation device?

Alarmed, Mary looked at her personal computation device. CODEX was running smoothly. She realized Mwer was only teasing.

-No virus there. Nothing to worry about.

Mary was acutely aware of her need for information. She didn't know much about the woman she had just "swallowed", she didn't have a clue on expected social norms or the politics of this era, she didn't even know where she lived.

With a last look, that Mary hoped was not suspicious, her Bound partner took her place at her own computation device and began to write at incredible speed.

Mary sat down and looked at the screen. She scrolled upwards. On the top left hand side of the screen she read, under the heading Elder's assignment for today: Dostoyewsky, a paragraph that had a distinct Slavic touch to it. Vagely, she remembered having read a novel by a young and promissing Russian author, somewhere around 1846, the title of which was something like "Poor People", no, "Poor Folk."

"So... she was now plagiarising Dostoyewski, like she did with me." She realized she knew too little about the Russian, his style, his turn of prase, his characters, to be able to imitate his writing.

But then, CODEX took over her mind. Her hands began to knock at the keys at a speed only comparable with that of her Bound partner, and the words, prases and sentences quickly filled the screen. After a moment of panic, she let herself relax into it. "So" - she thought- "that's how they do it."

After what seemed like hours, her personal computation device let go of her mind and her hands. Tired beyond anything she could remember, she sat back and rubbed her weary eyes. CODEX was sending the data. A small screen appeared. In the center of it, in bold letters, she read: The elders are satisfied. Worth: 3 credits.

Snapping from the rest of the trance-like spell, she looked around. Mwer was in the middle of a yawn. She had been patiently waiting for her to be done. On her screen there were 2 credits.

An unsettling thought crossed her mind: She didn't know how many pieces the former owner of her body - she didn't even know her name - had already written on Dostoyewsky. She better be careful with Fyodor. She knew.

Mwer stood up and stretched. Mary felt a wave of intense desire sweep through her like an electric shock. "400 years abstinence!" She thought, "Give or take a few."

She felt her body begin to shake and had to make an effort to stop and breath. Mwer had been gealous just before the take-over, she remembered her "host" thinking. But there seemed to be no sign of sexual arousal or desire in her now, no memory of the kiss.

Shyly, Mwer said:

-I am hungry, Bound partner, shall we go?

This was said in a monotonous, calm voice, that sounded devoid of all feeling.

At the sound of the word hunger, Mary realized she was, herself, famished. Food! She would be able to eat again! Yes, by all means, yes, let's eat! Let's go! But, go where, for Goodnes sake?!

She just nodded, then, keeping her reaction in check. She followed Mwer to the door and stepped out into a new Universe.



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Date created: Feb. 16, 2008
Date published: Feb. 16, 2008
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