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Commonality  by sofi_DDD13


Take away everyone’s medals,

Take away all their badges of shame.

Take away everyone’s medals,

And we’d all be the same.


Take away all those First Times,

The first time you kissed and the first time you cried.

Take away that paper on the wall,

You kicked that ball,

You were so small.

Take away first grade,

That soccer game

We’d all be the same.


Now take away our skins.

Take away those gorgeous lips,

So perfectly full.

Take away those small eyes.

Big feet.

Skinny thighs.

Take away those perfect clothes.

An ugly nose.

And now the past.

Take it away!

We’d all be the same

No past.

Not a present to our name.

No future.

We’d all be the same.


But we do have medals.

And guilt.

And crying moments and kissing moments.

We have the soccer game that scored the winning goal.

That mole,

On our left cheek.


We have a past.

The present.

A future.

But take it away,

We’re all the same.



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Date created: Dec. 28, 2011
Date published: Dec. 28, 2011
Comments: 0
Tags: individuality, poem, poetry, prejudice, social-commentary
Word Count: 3088
Times Read: 202
Story Length: 1