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"The Quiet Night"  by sniget

"The Quiet Night"

There are those nights, those pleasured promanades through paradise,those whirl abouts of time spent in the arms of some secret love affair,when the moon is but a sliver in a sky frothing over with celestial mist,burning hot, ivory talon of the sun.

This was not one of those nights.

There are those nights when the winds howl across the empty sky,chasing, ceaseless, cold, breathing dying screams whispered to nothing,when the moon is black, and the star's light serves only to trace out the emptiness it leaves unlit.

This was not one of those nights.


Nor was it any night betwixt the delicious pang of want and cramp desire sated more sensible and clear than is the passing of a life into and from the confines of another.


A full moon in face trickling cooly past the fingertips of sight was she,

this night no more lovely than the thought, gracing the well worn pages of a recurring memory.

What more was she, that I could not, can not relinquish,

that part of me which in my loneliness had sought her out.


In truth I know not, but that she passed a quiet night.

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Date created: Feb. 12, 2011
Date published: Feb. 12, 2011
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Tags: poetry
Word Count: 253
Times Read: 278
Story Length: 1