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My Happiness - Episode 7 - Part 5/5 - A Beautiful Day Out  by shafi1990

Scene 9 - Megha and Aneetha’s Talk


(Megha walks to Aneetha. She looks quite afraid to ask because Aneetha might refuse angrily)


Megha - (scared. She plays around with her fingers) So mum…

Aneetha - (looks angrily at Megha) What? You want to go to the park? Whose going to take you there?

Megha - I can go on my own! There’s no problem!

Aneetha - (surprised) On your own!? Megha do you think its safe enough for you to go on your own?

Megha - I can try!

Aneetha - You need someone going with you!

Megha - I can have Imdad and Iqbal going with me!

Aneetha - No…(looks around the picnic area. She looks at Malini and points to her) How about Malini? She looks all fit and ready to do anything!

Megha - Fine. No problem!

Aneetha - (shouts to Malini) Malini!


(Malini looks at Aneetha)


Can you come here please!


(Malini walks over to Aneetha)


Aneetha - Can you take Megha on a trip to the play area?

Megha - And Thahmin, Imdad and Iqbal.

Aneetha - Ok Thahmin, Imdad and Iqbal as well?

Malini - (looks over to Thahmin, Imdad and Iqbal) Sure no problem.

Megha - (to Thahmin, Imdad and Iqbal) Oy you lot!


(Imdad and Iqbal look at Megha)


Your coming with me and sister-in-law to the play area!

Thahmin - (pulling herself up) Come on guys.

Imdad - (to Iqbal. Pulling himself up) Well here we go!

Iqbal - (sighs in disgust. Pulling himself up) In this age?


Scene 10 - Rohit’s Words


(Rohit steps away from a nearby tree,  not so close to where the family members are but far enough to see them clearly)


Rohit - For someone it is a wrong day to come out. Or the wrong time. I need to kill Thahmin in any way I can. But to make it easier I will have to do something else. I need someone, Not just anyone, but a family member. Somehow I need to kidnap a member of that family. But who? I will have to keep a close eye on everyone’s move. Maybe this is the only chance to do it. So its going to happen today!



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Date created: March 1, 2009
Date published: March 1, 2009
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