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"My Happiness - Episode 1 - The Girl" -> (2 skipped) -> "My Happiness - Episode 4 - Find Thahmin" -> "My Happiness - Episode 5 - A Criminal Called Rohit Sharma"

My Happiness - Part 1/3 - Episode 6 - Run Thahmin Run!  by shafi1990

Recap of episode 5 - Rita has been telling Thahmin the story about her life since she fell in love with Rohit Sharma. Afterwards Rita tries saving Thahmin’s life by forcing her to leave immediately because Rohit has installed voice recorders across the house. Upon knowing this, Thahmin becomes very afraid because not only will Rohit kill Rita for telling his secret, but for sharing it with an outsider. Rita hides Thahmin in her own bedroom and she warns Thahmin not to come out till she tells her to. While Thahmin is in the bedroom, Rita sits down and switches the TV set on.  But while watching the news she notices that Thahmin is missing from her family and after hearing the full story she decides to call the police and let them know that she has Thahmin. Soon Rita calls Thahmin down and they both talk for a while about their lives. Rita tries persuading Thahmin to live and avenge punishment towards those who neglect and disrespect her. Thahmin promises to live and at that point, terrible actions start to happen. We have someone knocking on the door very hardly and Rita quickly sends Thahmin up into her bedroom once more. The man breaks the door open and barges in asking for Thahmin. The man seems to be Rohit Sharma and Rita doesn’t tell Rohit the answer to his question and so Rohit kills her. Thahmin hears Rita’s scream and she immediately tries escaping through the window but it is locked. Luckily she finds the key to the window and she escapes. Mr Verma and the family arrive to the address and to their unluckiness, they find a women dead on the floor. Lets read the next exciting episode…




EPISODE 6 – Run Thahmin Run!


Scene 1 - Rita’s Dead Body


(Mr Verma, along with the family members, run into the house through the broken door and look around the room)


Imdad - Looks like someone has broken in!

Anurag - Of course someone has you idiot!


(Aneetha sees Rita’s dead body and she is shocked and startled)


Aneetha - (pointing to Rita) A dead body!


(everyone follows Aneetha’s finger and they are startled to see the body. Imdad sees the body and becomes shocked. Imdad looks at the body very shockingly. He thinks she is Thahmin)


Imdad - That can’t be…

Anurag - Thahmin?


(a slight pause. Mr Verma walks over to the body and he turns her. Her face is facing the ceiling. Everyone sigh loudly knowing it is not Thahmin)


Mr Verma - This must be the lady who called me earlier.

Imdad - She called you?

Mr Verma - Yes. She told me she has Thahmin.


(everyone become shocked)


Imdad - She has Thahmin?

Mr Verma - Well that is what she said.

Mozaquir - Where is Thahmin then?

Mr Verma - I don’t know. Looks like someone broke in and killed the lady.

Aneetha - Could it be that the killer has killed Thahmin as well?


(everyone face Aneetha with extreme shock. Imdad looks at the body in disbelief)


Imdad - (starting to burst out crying) No Thahmin cannot be dead! Thahmin has to survive! She cannot die.

Mr Verma - Lets check around the house. Thahmin might be around somewhere!

Imdad - (motioning others to check) Come on people lets go!


(Everyone search around the house for Thahmin. Thahmin is nowhere to be seen. Everyone meet up in the hallway once again)


Mr Verma - (walking towards Mozaquir) Found anyone or anything!

Rakesh - Yes I did.


(everyone turn to Rakesh in excitement)


I went to a bedroom and I found a window open.

Imdad - (confused) Window open? That doesn’t mean anything at all.

Mr Verma - It might mean something. Perhaps Thahmin climbed out of the window to escape from the killer.

Aneetha - Or perhaps the lady wanted some fresh air so she opened the window. I don’t think Thahmin was here in the first place. (pointing to Rita) this lady must have lied. The stupid bitch!

Mr Verma - Please mind your language! There is no need for it Mrs Aneetha Ali! (regarding the dead body) I’ll take this back. I’ll arrange a post-mortem examination on it. We might find fingerprints on the body. Could it be that Thahmin killed her?


(everyone turn to Mr Verma in shock as if they didn’t expect him to say something like that)


Imdad - That was just so rude! How could you say something like that!? Thahmin would never do such a thing!

Aneetha - (to Imdad) What made you trust her in only a few days?

Imdad - That’s because I have gotten to spend more time with her. Not like you people!

Aneetha - Shut up!

Mr Verma - (to Imdad and Aneetha) Ok enough now both of you! Lets walk on!


Scene 2 - Rohit Chases Thahmin


(Thahmin continues running across the street. Rohit is quite far from her. He walks for a second after running, not letting people know he is chasing Thahmin)


Thahmin - Help me please!


(As Thahmin runs past a few people they only stare at her for a few seconds and turn back to their jobs. Thahmin runs into a backstreet and she hides in a yard. Rohit runs to the front of the yard she is in and just looks around the backstreet. A few seconds later he continues running. Thahmin suddenly sneezes which attracts Rohit‘s attention. Rohit looks back at the yard and starts walking towards it)


Thahmin - (thinking) Oh my god. Thahmin you are an idiot. Your life is now in danger!


(Thahmin remembers what Rita told her)


(Rita’s words) You need to survive! Not only against him, but against all other odds who attack you throughout your lifetime here.


(Thahmin comes back to her senses. She picks up a long, heavy wooden stick)


Thahmin - (thinking) No idiot is going to kill me! I have a right to live! No one else decides that but me!


(Rohit barges into the yard and Thahmin whacks him on the forehead. Rohit screams and falls onto the floor in pain. Thahmin tries leaping over him but he grabs her foot. Thahmin kicks Rohit on the hand he has grabbed her with and he removes it with a small cry. Thahmin is free and she continues her run out of the backstreet but Rohit angrily chases after her yet again. Thahmin starts slowing down and she looks back and sees Rohit not far behind. Thahmin tries crying out as loud as she can but nothing seems to come out. Rohit gets very close to her and she suddenly bumps into Iqbal)

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