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Four Years Later I'm Still a Friend To Him - poem  by shafi1990

12th January 2007
That date, i found my answer.
from 2 boys who once were my friends in primary school 4 years ago.
A little midget who was a friend since reception in primary school, disspointed me.

I told my present friend to quesion them. "Is shafi still your friend"?

The little midget replied
"Why are you asking me that for.

Shafi is no longer my friend"!

When my present friend asked my 2nd old friend who was slim and quite tall
he replied "Ofcourse he's my friend. He's my buddy, i laugh with him all the time".

This answer showered me with glee
because this was an answer which i wanted.

But on the other hand it also put me in shock.
My 2nd friend still has friendship with me while the older friend of mine does not.

Longer time i stayed with the midget.
But no friendship was left.

Shorter time i stayed with the slim lad.
But a lot of friendship is still left.

Mostly it seems as my 2nd friend is just
a person to me.
But secretly maybe were good friends.

We laugh and chat
anytime we see wach other.
We cry and weep
when we lose someone.

My answer is known after 4 years of seperation.
Future is what i'm thinking.
Will he still be a friend?

Will he laugh and not bother, if i die,
when he dies, will i cry.

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Date created: Dec. 24, 2008
Date published: Dec. 24, 2008
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