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This is the Bedlam Where I Died (6)  by randomnickname

White’s body language screams ‘’Yeah, we all know the answer to that one – go the **** on!’’

‘’You gotta work’’ I proclaim. ‘’Work meaning…?’’

‘’Systemic work’’ he gets the point quickly. ‘’Yeah. Systemic work means passing exams to get your CV – or resume – ready. Then you come up with a hundred excuses to justify the supposed ‘necessity’ of work as defined by the system.’’

‘’Ah’’ I snap my fingers again. ‘’And just who defines the system, eh? That is the question.’’

‘’Very clever, you’re absolutely right’’ he continues. ‘’You can do whatever you want – theoretically. But – in reality – you need financial assets first. The Matrix has you and if you still decide to embark upon an adventure, you don’t really know whether it’s worth it, because the architect of this consensus has sucked out all relevant data out of circulation!’’

‘’Go on…’’ I nod gently.

‘’So only a few do something and they’re hardly ever noticed and if they do happen to be noticed, they are still going to be perceived as con artists because the public is conditioned to view the world through the prism of the memes designed by the consensual master!’’

‘’Aha!’’ I exclaim and wag my right index finger. ‘’This is where ‘the fiction factor comes in!’ ‘’

White’s eyes scan my every move. He wants to hear my definition so badly. Suspension can be felt in their air. Oh, don’t I love psychological games!

‘’Well’’ I finally begin.  ‘’Suicide. From Latin. Sui plus cide. Affixes, infixes, suffixes. You do know there’s prescriptive, descriptive and contrastive grammar, don’t you?’’

‘’Excuse me?’’ White is visibly puzzled by my (apparent) non-sequitur.

‘’How’d you feel about that term? Suicide, I mean?’’

‘’I felt…strong emotions, a lot of doubt in my mind.’’

‘’See?’’ I continue. ‘’This is the conditioned response. Even after all you’ve seen, your mind is in control. And you’re relatively open-minded, so how about some John Doe?’’

‘’So, what you’re saying is, I only perceive my reality seriously because I was conditioned to perceive it that way and the consensus reinforces that belief by surrounding me with like-minded individuals.’’

‘’Yes!’’ I reply. ‘’Plus the manipulation of the subconscious and you’re stuck! All that education, all that job, all that family – programs meant to mesmerize you! And hell, mesmerize they do – your conditioned mind makes sure of that.’’

‘’This interview is gonna be perceived as ficton by many!’’ White adds.

‘’Absolutely’’ I reply. ‘’Their mind is going to tell them ‘yeah, this reporter wants you to buy all this but I’m smarter than that, I know it’s all baloney! I know what reality is, ha!’’

‘’Ignorance and arrogance combined…they  should’ve said ‘I know what is the version of reality I’ve been inculcated with’ ’’ he sighs. ‘’Though they’ll never even entertain the notion of programming. Amazing. Genius.’’

‘’The dream of every dictator…or vagintator’’ I snicker. ‘’And it’s so hilarious, people keep telling me that ‘they wouldn’t kill us, they need workers!’ Oh yeah? How many Jews were useful workers but died anyway? Read some history books before jumping on the naïve theorist train.’’

White bursts into a spasm of laughter. ‘’Never mind certain linguistic aspects which scream control, such as ‘gender roles’ and ‘governMENT.’ ‘’

‘’Layers upon layers of control’’ I respond. ‘’You need your intuition to guide you – your intuition is your only unwavering friend.’’

‘’We could even think about conscience and our identity as beings’’ James rightly concludes. ‘’I mean, how much of who we are is because of social constructs and how much because of our previous existences, and so on…’’

‘’All valid questions which go beyond human mind’’ I say. ‘’Once you get to where I am – you’ll understand. And by the way – what’s stopping you?’’

White cannot help but acquiesce. What’s stopping him? That’s a good question. But – even better – what’s stopping you? What’s stopping you from appearing on the news because you’ve done something extraordinary?

I leave White in front of my blizzard-stricken mansion. Extreme weather stimulates one’s senses – I find.

*                                          *                                            *

‘’This is where we part’’ I proclaim. ‘’James, you know enough. You got evidence. You are the ultimate whistleblower. Use that nosiness of yours. Write a feature, or whatever the heck you want to do!’’

There is nothing he can do. If I say that’s it – then THAT IS IT. No questions, no answers, no doubts. He knows enough to wake others up. He knows this is just a game of perception and if you perceive something as outrageous – then this is the way to go. As simple as that. No subjective conditioning by the consensual powers that be. I am where I am because I have broken every single obstacle imaginable. This has cost me a lot. Can he do the same? Who knows. The consensual conditioning is extremely powerful. Children of the Matrix (the system of memes designed to subliminally control the perception of a subject and – if they resist – make sure the conditioned mind generates enough chaos in their mind so they revert to the consensual view of existence) will never wake up, I’d wager…
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