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This is the Bedlam Where I Died (4)  by randomnickname

‘’So I’ve been told’’ James replies. ‘’Reality-wise.’’

‘’That’s right. And Chen, the rest? They’re just robots.’’

‘’Robots?’’ White’s mind seems to be undergoing a belief system block.

‘’Yeah’’ I grin. ‘’Literal robots. Some call them organic portals. No control over life really, just like some religions.’’

‘’Or black-eyed kids?’’

‘’That too.’’


‘’…so yes, all to please a bunch of Controllers’’ I interrupt. ‘’To create a façade of importance where it matters least – and then to control others via memes, that’s what it all boils down to. Extreme intelligence is needed to go beyond the limits of the consensus, to connect with intuition...but how can this be done when the servant became the master and a few that know the truth had been confined to insane asylums and fringe talk-shows?’’

‘’Can we …’’

‘’No’’ I cut in. ‘’You’re here on my terms. That’s the agreement. We’ll now move on.’’

White – a fearsome interviewer – knows my persona is too valuable to be lost on a technicality. He snaps a photo. He listens to the sound.

‘’…And we’re walking’’ I mutter.

        *                         *                         *                                   


 ‘’Back to the Bedlam where I died’’ I remark. ‘’The biggest mystery of all is about to be revealed.’’

‘’The mystery of death’’ White proudly concludes.

‘’No more, no less’’ I say. ‘’Since I’m still here, you can probably tell things are far more complex than they seem to be.’’

‘’I’m not denying that one’’ the reporter says. ‘’So my normal life is your…afterlife?’’

‘’AFTER life, yes’’ I reply. ‘’But not some sort of incorporeal creation out of the blue. This is truly something human mind can’t understand. He should still be here.’’

‘’So he’s gonna cross over?’’ White points his recording device at me.

‘’Oh yeah’’ I reply, staring at the contraption. ‘’That’s the idea. This is why we’re here. Why the hell would I bring you back here?’’

‘’Fair enough’’ he smiles. ‘’So what am I going to witness now exactly?’’

‘’Myself is going to break through the consensual barrier and yes, he’ll see the light.’’

‘’Is this normal? To see the light?’’

‘’A powerful belief that connects with the feeling of familiarity equals reality’’ I snap my fingers. ‘’Ah!  There he is!’’

‘’So this consensus, what is it exactly?’’ the reporter asks me.

‘’It’s an infinitely more complex version of the Matrix’’ I reply. ‘’This movie, there are some good concepts there, yes, but they always need to condense a complex problem to a black versus white theme. People don’t find this intelligence-insulting because that’s still better than usual garbage they receive.’’

‘’No dithering here’’ the journalist writes the sentence down.

‘’Quotes’’ I laugh. ‘’The essence of journalism.’’

‘’Well’’ he laughs. ‘’You know me all to well.’’

‘’No’’ I hesitate.’’ I don’t know you, Mr White. I know your journalistic persona.’’

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Date created: Sept. 9, 2009
Date published: Sept. 9, 2009
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