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Twinkling Pixies. Fun!  by purelilyrose
Flashing bright stars float around the pitch black smog.
"What are those?" Deana wondered as she watched, entranced," I should probably follow them." So follow them she did, taking each step carefully and quietly so as not to frighten off the pretty colorful lights. They moved for quite a while, twinkling and whispering, until, finally, the lights stopped at a beautifully carved tree stump.

Stealthily, the blinking lights disappeared into a hole within the stump before Deanna could even comprehend what was happening.

"Where did they go?" she questioned herself as she glanced around, noticing that she was a very far away from home," Where am I?"

Being a precocious and curious child, Deanna sat herself down on the fluffy green grass and started poking her finger into the hole in the stump that the lights disappeared into.

"Ouch!" she screamed as something inside the stump bit her. She quickly pulled her finger out. Ruby red blood swelled and fell from the little cut on her finger." What was that?" she said to herself as she inspected her finger, noting that there were little teeth marks.

Giggling came forth from the little hole. Quietly at first, but slowly getting louder until, finally, a little pink light popped out.

"You taste like metal. Why aren't you sweet like us?" questioned the blinking pink light as it fluttered around Deanna's head.

"Umm.. metal? sweet?" Deanna blurted, stunned that the pink light was talking to her.

"Yes, we are always sweet. You, however, taste terrible." and, just to prove it, the light made a spitting sound in Deanna's direction.

"Spitting is not proper." Deanna scolded the pink light, thinking back to the charm class her parents forced her to take; it was awful.

The light giggled and, then, started full out laughing," Who cares about proper? I don't," it said as it promptly grabbed Deanna's hair and started yanking at it," I dont care a bit. Plus, you should not have been sticking your chubby little digit into my hole anyway."

Upset, Deanna started batting at the little light. "Stop! Let my hair go! Let it go! This is not nice! I didn't know it was YOUR hole, I just thought it was a hole. Stop pulling at me!"

Laughing, the little light kept on pulling. Then, suddenly, it stopped and let the blonde curls fall back down to Deanna's shoulder. "You're ugly," the light stated," You don't have a color. Why dont you have a color?"

"A color?"

"Yes, everyone has a color. You know. You dont glow."

"Nobody I know glows." stated Deanna watching the light flit back and forth," Can you turn off the glow?"

"Of course!" said the light in a stern voice," everyone can turn off the glow."  and, promptly, the light went out.
"where did you go?" asked Deanna, searching for the light.

"Here."  On top of the tree stump, stood a tiny pink girl with purple hair and bright green wings.

"Wow, you are weird looking!" said Deanna laughing.

"I am not! I am the most beautiful pixie in these woods. Everyone says so. YOU, however, are extremely ugly," huffed the little figure. "How did you get here anyway?"

Deanna thought about this for a little while, " I followed you."

"How did you see me? Only people that glow can see me," retorted the pixie.

"I don't know. I really dont. I saw colorful lights and wanted to follow them. Now I wish i didn't though. I'm lost and you're mean!" Deanna said as big wet drops swelled in her eyes.

"What a baby. Don't cry. serves you right for following us. This place is secret and you shouldn't be here." The pixie stated crossly as she started pulling at Deanna's blonde curls again.

"please just help me find my way home. I just wanna go home."

Rolling her eyes, the pixie studied the little girl in front of her," I dont know how to get you home. You'll have to stay here."
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Date created: Sept. 16, 2008
Date published: Sept. 16, 2008
Comments: 9
Tags: child, lights, pixies, stumps
Word Count: 923
Times Read: 552
Story Length: 8
Children Rank: 2.1/5.0 (1 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (11 votes)